Monday 5 September

Today Tortola and I are not friends… Tony and I left work asap in order to run some more errands to settle into the house.  We visited the Qwomar (or is it Quomar?  The signs say both!) Pharmacy to pick up some hangers and kitchen towels, then hit Radio Doctor to look at Pyrex.  It was too pricey, so we just went with a knife set.  Yes, I’m including the names for a reason… I hope you’re picking up on the oddness that is shopping here!   Our next stop was the phone company for Internet service.  I am in dire need of Internet for both personal and professional reasons, and felt I’d been very patient to wait through the weekend!  When the gentleman told us he may need to send out a tech to install internet in our area , the stress of settling into a new home/country/school started getting to me and I had to remove myself before causing a scene.  You see, a couple other teachers told us it had taken them 7 weeks to get Internet!  That just made me want to talk to my Mommy more!

Next up was the quest for gas.  We need our very large gas tank filled up so that we can run our stove and oven.  Apparently $85 will buy us enough gas for 3-4 months.  We drove to where we thought the place was, but it was closed.  So, we tried a couple other placed.   As we passed by the grocery store, Tony suggested we stop to look at a grill price.  Maybe we could just buy a grill (he’d wanted one anyway) and then we could cook dinner on it until our gas is delivered.  We hit up the Clarence Thomas hardware store where Tony bought a grill!  Yay!  Visions of grilled Caribbean Jerk Chicken were rolling through our brains.  All we needed for this delicious fantasy to come true was a gas tank, which they were out of.  Long story short, we visited upwards of 5 gas stations with no luck.  Either you needed to already own a tank and exchange with them or their tanks were a different brand with a different tank than what we already have.

With darkness swiftly approaching we resigned ourselves to Chinese.  We’ve been told that this dive of a place near the bootlegged movies store has the best Chinese food on island, but we haven’t been there yet.  We checked downstairs – just a little grocery.  Upstairs – video sales (by which I mean pirated videos).  Back downstairs, we asked the checker about the Chinese place.  “Oh, yeah, it’s good,” she says, “but they’re closed on Mondays.”  Foiled again!

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1 Response to Monday

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    be sure to have that gas thing all figured out by November ok. Shrimp on the barbie sounds great – oops – wrong country, but still an island- so can we have shrimp?

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