Every day starts early here in the BVI… I don’t know why, but I’m always up by 6:30 here… and Saturday was no exception.  The boys had plans to play tennis at the Racquet Club in town and the girls were going to watch!  Actually, the plan the previous night had been to drink mimosas while we watched, but they just didn’t sound as good at 9am!  Here are some shots of their match:

Here’s our Head of School, Scott:

Scott really freaked out when we told him he only had 10 minutes before his meeting… luckily, he ACTUALLY had ½ an hour!

After tennis, it was off to Doug and Kathy’s boat for lunch!  Tony was helping Doug haul his dingy motor in for service.  While they were off doing that, I was able to chat with Kathy for awhile!  Then she made us some phenomenal paninis.  This is a photo of their gorgeous boat:

After lunch we ran some errends around town.  Our new place is furnished, but this is really the first time its been rented out that way, so a lot of the little things were missing.  We are in search of lots of kitchen items, hangers, tupperware stuff, etc.

Finally, we made a dent in our list and headed home so we could meet people at the Long Bay Resort pool for a cocktail.  After a long “swim” (really just lounging in the very warm water) we got a Roti (a popular Guyanese dish here that is a lot like a burrito, but made with curry) for take away and headed home to collapse into bed.

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1 Response to Saturday

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Tony- what great tennis form you have! THE BOAT – can’t wait to see that up close and personal. Can YOU believe that YOU both live on an island and have the “boat people” as friends!!

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