“Rain, Rain, Go Away…”

It’s been a rainy week here in the BVI.   Luckily, though, we were still able to get out on Doug and Kathy’s boat for dinner on Friday.  Actually, we’d invited them over to our place for dinner, and they said, “let’s take the boat there!”  We arranged for someone else to bring our car out west from school, and plans were made!

Here we are enjoying phenomenal Margaritas a la Kathy and Guac a la me!

By the way, Newman’s makes an incredible Mango Salsa.  I suggest you check it out!  We only picked it up here because it was the cheapest one at the store.  Since then, we’ve been back to clean out the store’s stock in town!  Yesterday we stopped by the Harbour Market here in Soper’s Hole, and they had a bunch, so we’ll clean them out as well!  We’ve been told to stock up when you find something you like because you never know if/when it will be back!

Here’s another photo.  That’s Saint John (USVI) in the background.

When we pulled into Soper’s, we caught this view:

Then we dingied (no clue if I spelled that correctly… over to the dock where our car was waiting for us.  Doug and Kathy really liked our place and enjoyed the nachos we fixed.  Then Kathy surprised us with a housewarming gift of a serving dish and delicious peanut butter cookies!  Yum!

Today’s Sunday and it’s still raining, so we decided to go to Mulligan’s for the Packer game.  It’s a little hard to see through those tents, but Mulligan’s is an almost completely outdoor sports bar!




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1 Response to “Rain, Rain, Go Away…”

  1. b and b schuurms says:

    You look so very happy!! Go Pack Go!

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