Top Ten

Things I Miss About Scarborough:

1. The people!!  I hope you’re all doing well!  So far I’ve only Skyped with my mom, but I’d love to talk to someone else as well!

2. A cafeteria.  This was what happened at lunch time the other day:

The kids were getting all wet while they were eating and there was a mad dash toward the classrooms with lunches in hand.

3. Being able to get just about any supply I want whenever I wanted it.

4. Rubber Cement!  I’m gluing everything with a little glue stick!

5. Coworkers – Especially after last year with Gayle and Anne!   Sometimes it’s just nice to go through things with someone else.

6. Knowing what the heck I was doing!

7. Treat days.

8. $50 for the Supply Closet from PTO.  Almost EVERYTHING we get has to be ordered from the states.

9. Professional Development – Okay, seems wierd to say, I know, but I would have liked some training on the instructional materials I’m supposed to use.

10. My airliner.  The Smartboard is great, and I’m really just happy to have a projector, but I do miss being able to wander the room as I interacted with it.

Things I Love About Cedar:

1. The people!  Everyone has been so welcoming and had such fabulous advise.  There are several other couples who don’t have kids, so we go out on Fridays for Happy Hour(s) and meet at the beach on Saturdays.  Plus, people are so dedicated to their work and (almost) everyone really WANTS to be here.  It’s awesome.

This picture shows Doug, the Boat Guy, and us on the first day of school.  Doug calls us the “Kansas Contingent” and even got our Kansas flag hung up along with all the other flags of the world.

2. 2 hours of aide time per day – though, it’s no Joyce and Nancy, that’s for sure!

3. 2 hours of plan time 3 days per week – I thought there was very little teaching time at home – I was wrong!  Monday-Wednesday I have almost as much time off as on.

4. The parents – they’ve all had wonderful things to say so far!

5. The kids – they really are fabulous, and so interested in everything!  They actually value education, which is quite refreshing.

6. Walking with butterflies as I head to the lounge.

7. No grade level team means no one tells me I’m doing it wrong.

8. Donuts on Wednesday – I don’t know who started it, but I like it!

9. The attitude.  It’s just so laid back and everyone’s been where we are, so they just say “do what you can and you’ll get there eventually.”  I never would have been okay starting the first day at home being as unprepared as I was this year!

10. Complete control over the temperature in my classroom is a beautiful thing!

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3 Responses to Top Ten

  1. Mike McNicoll says:

    What a great post. You are obviously having a fabulous adventure. Who’s learning more, you or your students?

  2. Anne Stowers says:

    What a great post! You made me smile. 🙂 I was just talking about you and your blog today with Emma B. and Natalie because they were asking about you. It sounds wonderful at your new school, and I love reading about your adventures!

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