Flora and Fauna

Saturday brought our second attempt and failure to launch the boat.  Once again we were in the water before realizing our issue.  This time it’s new spark plugs.  Luckily we found someone who knew more about boats than we do to confirm the issue, but no one who was open to sell us the needed part.  We now have what we need, but will have to wait until next weekend to try again!

Since we had some extra time on our hands, we decided to visit the Garden Center in town.  Tony was very excited – they had an orange tree for sale!  It even has an orange on it!Here I am finishing up the planting.    We also picked up a sweet pepper plant (we think – there wasn’t much information on the packaging) and a mint plant.  Here’s hoping I won’t kill them!

Our little garden on the front deck!  The really great news is we found out one of our trees is a lime tree!  Lime and mint – it’s a Mojito in the making!

After gardening, we decided to take a little walk around our “neighbourhood.” Here’s a look at the flora and fauna in our area.

These plants are in our yard.  I don’t know what they are, but they sure are huge!  Probably 7-8 feet tall.

We can’t get enough of these crab guys.  This one was probably 8 inches long – look at those pinchers!

This is an unknown fruit of some sort at the end of our drive.

We think these might be poisonous… not really sure.

We saw this island in the distance while on our walk.  Tony REALLY wants to go there.  We believe it’s Sandy Cay (pronounced key) off the coast of Jost (pronounced Yost) Van Dyke.  Maybe next weekend on the boat!?!






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3 Responses to Flora and Fauna

  1. Gayle Ross says:

    Those pictures are amazing! You really aren’t in Kansas any more!

  2. Monica says:

    This looks amazing! I can’t wait to come visit 🙂 Now to just work out a time to come between work schedules and class schedules. It will be difficult, but I am determined to make it work!

  3. Debbie says:

    I so wish I was there!!! Instead of being ready to pop out a baby any day now. Miss you tons!!!!!

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