A real Tortola BBQ

A couple weeks ago an email was sent out to many of the staff at school saying, “There just isn’t enough time to hang out on the weekends, let’s start a mid-week rotating dinner party.  You attend, you agree to host one.”  The inagural event was stellar and Tony and I signed up for week number two!  We’ve been thinking about it all week – planning the meal, figuring out which stores to hit for the best deals on chicken and fresh veggies, (Which turns out to be a different store each day, interestingly enough.  We have items from 3 different grocery stores, purchased on 3 different days, for this one dinner.) thinking through how we’re going to have enough time to get everything ready….

So, today was the big event.  We had 9 guests attending, but it was okay because Maggie was leaving early and Clint was coming late, so our 8 plates would suffice.  (By the way, we bought plates for this event as well!  Just little plastic ones.  They’ll be useful as they came with cups AND a handy tote bag! : )  Anyway,  the pasta salad was made, the pineapple and veggies were cut, the chicken was marinated and ready to grill.  About 20 minutes before our guests arrived, the power went out!  That means no fans, possibly no water (we haven’t had an outage during the day to test that), not to mention the obvious no light when it gets dark at 6:30!

Well, welcome to the Caribbean!   It was a true Tortolan dinner party!

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2 Responses to A real Tortola BBQ

  1. Susan White says:

    Hi Lindy and Tony. Hope all is well. It sounds like you are keeping busy and enjoying your 2 year vacation! I spoke to Johnathan Bell and he said that a few couples were going to try to visit you next summer. That sounds like fun. Love to hear about your daily events. Take care. We missed you at book club. I know that we may try to Skype with you next time. Our book next month is Before I go to sleep by S. J. Watson.

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