Leisure Diving

Our Sunday was spent on Doug and Kathy’s boat (the big sailboat!) at neighbouring Peter Island. There were about 20 people who work/are married to someone who works at Cedar. Tony took this opportunity to introduce us all to Leisure Diving. Here are some of the highlights:

In addition to our goofing around, we saw lots of fish, squid, a
turtle and a baracuda while out snorkeling the reef. Doug grilled burgers and
hotdogs right there on the boat and Clint made his famous PainKillers, a
popular cocktail around here.  It was a gorgeous day and fun was had by all!

In other boat news, we were able to take our rib out this weekend!
It was a slightly nerve-wracking venture as I got used to the sounds it made. I
asked repeatedly, “Is it supposed to sound like that?” and “Can’t we go closer to shore?” At one point the nose of the boat started pointing up in the air and Tony realized he’d accidently hit the hydrolic lift and the engine was coming out of the water. Doug tells me I just need to drive next time and I’ll feel more comfortable… we’ll see! : ) Don’t worry – we’ll have it all figured out by the time you come to visit!  Here’s Tony at the helm:

We’re still debating names for the boat.  Tony insists on a girl name… any ideas?

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3 Responses to Leisure Diving

  1. Amy says:

    Call the boat Katniss. She’s badass, like the boat (also, the irony of fire vs water…you know, or something). Oh! Speaking of- can I read the 3rd book when I get there? Tony has it, right?

  2. Nancy Kline says:

    Name your boat…Lindy Jo.

    Nancy K.

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