Work hard. Play hard.

I spoke with my dear friend Debbie the other day, the day before she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, in fact.  Thanks, Olivia, for letting me talk to your Mommy!  Anyway, Debbie implied that perhaps the blog is a little unbalanced and looks like every day is a party. No worries – we are definitely working very hard!  Tony is keeping very busy with 11 preps per week and I’m just now feeling like my head is on straight. : )

We’ve just finished our Parent-Teacher Conferences last week as well.  They’re actually goal setting conferences and the kids attend with the parents, which is a pretty cool deal, but they were all outside of the normal school day, so there have been a couple late nights.  In addition, we had a new teachers and families evening at The Watering Hole, a bar and restaurant owned by a South African couple, and a Grade 4 Parents Night Out at Charlie T’s the same week.  It is quite odd, having a cocktail or glass of wine with your class parents.  However, the community is so small here, that’s just what you do.

Today was our first PD (Professional Development) Day since school commenced, and it was pretty grueling too!  Cedar is up for a mid-accreditation visit this year.  That means the groups that recognise us as an official school and tell other schools (including colleges and universities) that they should recognise us as well, are coming for a visit this Spring.  One of the groups’ recommendations for improvement was that Cedar develop a Scope and Sequence for education across the grade levels.  That’s something we totally took for granted at home because there were people who’s entire job was to develop and update that for us!  There’s no one to do that for us here, so today we essentially developed a curriculum for Cedar School by taking what’s been done in the past and putting it in writing for each grade level.  There’s still a lot to be done by March, but it is kind of exciting to be part of the group that developed the first ever curriculum for a school!

I’m learning a lot as a teacher here, and really enjoying the challenge… especially as it comes without high stakes testing!!!  It’s not easy, but I must say, the kids in my class are a dream to teach!  They are all excited about learning and are loving Grade 4, which makes it a pleasure to go into work each day.  I miss having a grade-level coworker to brainstorm and laugh with, but overall, it’s a good place to be right now! : )

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1 Response to Work hard. Play hard.

  1. Amy says:

    I’m sorry, what Lindy actually meant to say was:
    “Teaching is nearly impossible here & I don’t know how I will survive the year unless I get an assistant teacher to help me. Does anyone know such a person?”
    Don’t worry Lindy, I think I may know someone.

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