A Black Tie Affair

There are few occasions to dress up here on Tortola, but last night was one of them!  We were invited to a swanky dinner fundraiser and offered discount tickets.  It was definitely still expensive, and much more than we’d typically spend on a night out, but when someone offers you tickets to a 4 course meal at an exclusive resort on a neighbouring island at a fraction of the price, you say “Yes, thank you!”

The event was a fundraiser for Dive BVI to help build up the reefs in the area, which like many other parts of the world, have been dying.  They’re planning to build statues that relate to Caribbean culture and place them on the ocean floor to create an artificial reef.  This was the advert on the web:

The event was held at Scrub Island, a pretty new resort, on an island east of Tortola.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to come over during the day and enjoy the pool because of the school Halloween carnival, but I am hoping to go back for a day sometime soon!  Our Principal’s husband, Peter, built these gorgeous pools!

Here are some photos of us at this black tie affair:

Aunt Beth, do you recognise that dress?

The whole Cedar Crew!Dancing to the 70s guy!

It was a great night!  And thanks to Doug and Kathy for making it possible!


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2 Responses to A Black Tie Affair

  1. b and b schuurms says:

    Yes I do Lindy, You look Beautiful in it!!! What a special night for you and your friends. Your experiences continue to amaze me!!!

  2. Susan White says:

    You both look gorgeous! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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