Today marks the official kick-off of Mo-vember, a fundraising effort for men’s cancer.  This year the Mo Men, as they’re called, hope to raise $30,000 to fund both cancer research and treatment for BVI men with prostate and testicular cancer.  Tony has decided to participate, as it means an entire month of not shaving!  Here is his before photo – he did shave yesterday, as yesterday was the 1st of November, so he is a little scruffy already.  We’ll have another update next week after Mo-Mingle-Monday (happy hour for all the participants!)

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4 Responses to Mo-vember

  1. b and b schuurms says:

    Way to help Tony!! Jeff is doing no shave november, not for any reason other than hunting! I am not a fan of the mountain man look, But you have a great cause!!

  2. Megan says:

    We heard the guy that runs Mo-vember speak at the fundraising dinner at the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin a few weeks ago. Great guy – great cause. Is Tony fundraising as well??? Let us know! Miss you ❤ Megan

  3. debbie says:

    Love it

  4. Tony will be doing some fund raising, if you’re interested in donating!!

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