Ta-tas and Sign Language

On Sunday the Sensus Health Club held their annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and Fundraiser, with the motto, “Big or Small, save them all!”  No matter how the organiser tried, she just couldn’t get us all the chant it with her.  However, there were probably 150 women and girls who participated.  Below you can see my friend Gemma walking next to the stroller.  This was on the BVI Platinum Website.

Strangely enough, just after the walk began, a woman came up to my Principal and asked if she knew anyone who knew Sign Language.  She said, “Actually I do and she’s walking right next to me!”  The woman was with the tourist board and there was a Deaf man who came to visit the BVI, but there was a mix-up, and he was having a hard time figuring out what was going on.  So, after the walk I raced the 1/2 hour to the airport to catch the man just before he boarded a plane.  I was able to let him know that his credit card charges would be refunded and was able to fill in some gaps for the  Tourist Board and Airline Representatives!  The man was very excited to meet someone who knew ASL, as broken as mine is now-adays, and he was even more excited that I’ve been teaching kids here in the BVI to sign!

Before we left people told me that Deaf people would find me and my skills would come in handy – I’m glad they were right!

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4 Responses to Ta-tas and Sign Language

  1. Morgan says:

    That’s great Lindy!!! It’s amazing that you are there in right timing and place 🙂

  2. b and b schuurms says:

    Nice Job Lindy! Way to help people!! Proud of you and all your skills!!

  3. debbie says:

    That is awesome lindy! I miss you

  4. Morgan says:

    Lindy, my friend and her fiance, who are deaf, are at St. John. She is looking for an interpreter for her sister’s wedding (not sure when that is) and I thought I’d ask if you know any?

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