Oil Nut Bay

Man, this weekend felt like a working weekend!  On Saturday afternoon there was a Grade 4 Day at the Beach, so I stopped by for a bit to see the kids and talk to the parents.  Then on Sunday we went with a kiddo and her parents to Oil Nut Bay on Virgin Gorda.  Oil Nut is a ridiculously expensive and exclusive new housing development on North Sound, VG.  It’s only accessible by boat and is so new that few people have really even seen it.  Oh, and it also happens to be the site of our upcoming field trip.  two of my kiddo’s parents work there!  As the teacher, I have to go on a pre-trip, right?

Unfortunately, a glitch in the ferry schedules negatively impacted our pool time, but we still go to see the place.

This is the ClubHouse (all outdoor of course) and main pool.

This dining table in the Club House is made from a slab of 1 tree.

When I come with the kiddos in a couple weeks, we’ll stick to the public areas, but we got to see one of the homes!  This is the walkway to the front door and those are koi ponds on the sides.

I think Tara said it’s hacienda style, but each bedroom in this house (there are 6) has it’s own seperate entrance.  Here’s one of the bedrooms.  We haven’t seen anything close to this kind of luxury since we arrived. (obviously the flat screens aren’t supposed to be there)

This is the door to the Master Bedroom.  They each have their own little path!

And look at this bathroom!

Unfortunately the water was turned off, so I missed the coolest thing about this multi-million dollar home, which is a sink that has no basin.  Apparently the granite is angled just right so that the water flows back to the hidden drains at the base of vanity and the wall.  It looks though, like a regular flat counter top and that they water would spill right onto you!

Also on this trip, we made our first voyage to Saba Rock, a teeny tiny island that’s been turned into a restaurant and resort.  It’s another one of those places that you can only access by boat!

It was a tasty lunch, and the rooms weren’t a bad price either!  I could definitely see us renting a room here sometime!

Well, if this is what a working wekend looks like, I guess I’ll survive! : )

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2 Responses to Oil Nut Bay

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Was your mouth hanging open in shock the whole time you were there? Wow, what a gorgeous place. Your field trips are more upscale than Scarborough’s!! LOL

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