My goodness!  I can’t believe how busy we’ve suddenly become in the last month or so.   For one thing, Tony’s been coaching Cedar’s first ever basketball team.  The boys are all 6th-8th grade, and they’re actually pretty good!  Tony was expecting his team to be run over during this league, since many of the kids are from countries where basketball isn’t really a big thing.  But, right now, they’re ranked 2nd!  They’ve had 5 games and only lost one.  Here’s a photo of Tony out on the court.

Now you may have noticed he’s a little casual to be out coaching, I mean, shorts and flip flops?!  Well, here’s the coach for the other team.

Rasta Man!  The really cool thing is that Tony’s been asked to coach the All-Star team for the east side of the island!  His initial goal was just be make a good enough impression to be invited back to the league next year.  I don’t think he needs to worry about that anymore!

So, basketball is part of what’s been taking up a lot of our time and preventing me from getting my regular blogging done.  In fact, there’s been so much going on that we haven’t been out on the boat in weeks now.  It is tough riding past perfectly smooth water some mornings while we’re on the way to school and wishing we could be out there.  Luckily, our ride to school these last few days has given us much to talk about.

Yesterday on the way to work we saw this:

It looked like a little mini-cruise liner.

Monday was election day in the BVI, so we saw this as we headed toward town:

The line actually continued down the street for another 50 yards.  (We’re quite glad that the election is over so we don’t have to hear the election rallies or cars with bullhorns strapped to the roofs driving by anymore.)

I guess it’s not too bad though.  I am sitting here blogging and sipping a mojito made with mint and limes grown right outside my front door… pretty cool!

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