Getting crafty

Moving here, we had to leave many of the comforts of home… well, at home.  That includes pretty things of all types!  There is no Michaels, no Hobby Lobby, not even a home and craft section of Walmart anywhere on the island.  (I did know there wouldn’t be before we came.)  As a result, I’ve been saving glass and plastic jars of all types for re-purposing. Cute, functional, cost-effective, and good for the environment – doesn’t get better than that: )!  As well as covering many surfaces in fabric.   So glad I brought that scrapbook paper and ModPodge!  Here are just a few of my creations from the last couple months:

These former yogurt containers will hold paper clips and student sticks in my classroom.

Both of the chairs in my classroom were disgusting from years of other people’s grease and sweat – yuck!  I pushed fabric into the backing of this computer chair to turn it from ugly, gross, and maroon to fun and fresh!

My desk chair needed a similar facelift, but wasn’t the right shape for what I had.  A pashmina and some ribbon fixed it right up though!

I actually brought these pens with me from last year, but they look nice in this little jar too.  I like the shape of this one.

This little guy used to be a tub of peanuts, but now holds all my toiletries in the bathroom.

There are actually a few nice home decor places here, but they’re really expensive.  Sometimes it’s fun to go into them and imagine being able to buy the pretty things.  One such store, HOM, had a welcome sign much like this one.  I looked at it and thought, “I could do that!”  So, it now hangs by our front door!

I have to be honest… sometimes I feel like I’m decorating on a college budget… oh wait!  I am! : )

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3 Responses to Getting crafty

  1. debbie says:

    You are amazing, girlfriend!

  2. b and b schuurms says:

    You are awesome. Such great ideas. Motivates me to do a few things. Have agreat visit with Momma!

  3. Kay cooper says:

    Love your creative work!

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