First Visitors!

Last Thursday our first visitors arrived!  Mom and DeeAnn flew into St. Thomas and took the ferry here to West End.  Eager to show our guests the sites, we whisked them off to Bananakeets Café overlooking Carrot Bay for sundowners.  It’s a great spot to watch the sun set and gives visitors a taste of the winding switchbacks of Tortola.

After drinks, it was home to Casa Snethen for Rotis, a traditional West Indian dish that we really enjoy!  Picture a Chipotle burrito, but filled with potatoes, chicken, and curry, topped with mango chutney – delish!

I took Friday off work, so we were able to lounge around Soper’s Hole for breakfast before spending the afternoon at Smuggler’s.  Mom and DeeAnn really loved our favorite beach!  That evening the ladies were invited to The Boat for cocktails, and they loved getting to finally meet “The Boat Guy” and Kathy!  Dinner at the Watering Hole for their phenomenal pizza, and we practically fell into bed when we reached home!

Saturday was our lounging day.  We shopped around in town, went to Tony’s first playoff game (they won by almost 20 points!), and went back to the beach.

Sunday was our big day off island.  The ladies all headed to Virgin Gorda and started with The Baths.  This is a postcard perfect photo that DeeAnn took. 

Here’s Mom and me before we began the hike through. 

It was an interesting walk through The Baths, as there was a lot more water than the first time I visited, and we were carrying 3 sets of snorkel gear and fins, plus a noodle and a boogie board.  I think we gave the other visitors quite a laugh!  However, it was all worth it when we reached Devil’s Bay.  Mom and DeeAnn used their floating devices and completed the snorkel all the way back to our starting point!  That’s quite a feat!

We weren’t done with our day out though!  From there it was off in the rental car to the North Sound at the opposite end of the island.  Along the 20 minute drive we saw some incredible views, like this one: 

Once in North Sound, we boarded a boat to the Bitter End Yacht Club on Doug and Kathy’s recommendation, for their Sunday Brunch.  The meal was phenomenal and the view was gorgeous!  North Sound, VG is bordered by several little islands, like Prickly Pear, Necker, and Saba Rock (where we had lunch last weekend), making it an incredible spot for boating.  You can see it in the background of this photo, taken after brunch.

We even toured some rooms at Bitter End, which was fun.  Here are some photos of the grounds:

Finally it was time to board the ferry and head back.  We gathered all our belongings and walked toward the ferry dock, but we couldn’t decide which boat had brought us over.  Well, that’s because it had already left – early!  We were astonished!  On island time nothing happens early!  There were a couple other ladies who were in the same situation, so they took us back the mainland VG in the rescue boat.  Yes, it’s that little one that the guy is pulling stuff out of.

The ride was actually surprisingly smooth, and it was a beautiful trip back with the sun’s rays cascading over the mountains.

Then it was back on the ferry to Tortola!  A small cruise ship was picking up it’s passengers, so we got to see it all lit up with the sunset in the background.

What a fabulous day!


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4 Responses to First Visitors!

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Hey! Is that DeeAnn Heptas that I see in your photo?!! If so — that is totally C O O L !! She is our neighbor and was Scott’s den leader in Cub Scouts.

    Loving your postings and the gorgeous pictures. Keep them coming! =)

  2. Nancy Kline says:

    Pictures are beautiful. Now I know who DeeAnn is, also. Didn’t recognize her. Mike and Charlie were in the same boy scout troop 315 as my son and husband.
    Nancy K.

  3. Jami says:

    Wow! Everything is just so beautiful! I am getting caught up on your blogs and consequently also procrastinating doing my staff evaluations! (you know I like “peoplework” better than paperwork!) So glad to hear you & Tony are doing well and loving your experience. We miss you!

  4. Amy says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time!! Pam- in case you ever need another travel buddy, I could probably be convinced to visit Lindy & Tony more than once 🙂

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