First Hair Cut

I’ve finally worked up the nerve/had enough time/gotten so frustrated with my hair that I’ve gotten my first hair cut on the island!  I asked around and was given many different suggestions, but this place won out at $20 for a cut.  Cabbage Hair Studio isn’t much to look at from the outside, but Jasmine the-little-English-speaking-stylist did a great job!

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5 Responses to First Hair Cut

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    Lindy – ADORABLE haircut. Congratulations on YOUR bravery! That was probably not an easy thing to decide to do!!!
    Love ya- Mom

  2. Becky Waters says:


  3. Karla Wiscombe says:

    When Peggy forwarded your link, I had a picture of you in my mind with your beautiful curls! You still have them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your fun adventure. I must say, I am a wee bit jealous of your teaching journey! Good luck.
    Karla Wiscombe

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