The Movember contest results are in, and though Tony did not win, I think his life may have been changed forever.  Guest Judging this year’s contest was The BVI’s biggest celebrity – Sir Richard Branson.  Not only was Tony in his idol’s presence while on stage, but Sir Richard actually touched Tony’s mustachio!  (that’s him in the white shirt)

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3 Responses to Mo-vember

  1. Amy says:

    Awesome! Except, um, all the men are wearing white shirts.

  2. pam mcnicoll says:

    Oh my GOSH! That is fantastic!!! Now Tony – before my next visit will YOU become friends with him and we can then go to HIS island for a visit!! Lindy did YOU get to meet him? And you know what – maybe he knows the band Bon Jovi!!
    Love, Mom

    • Sorry, Mom. I didn’t get to meet him and I don’t think we’ll get an invite to Neckar either… Being that it’s all of our yearly pay for just one night there. I think you’ll have to find another way to meet Dorothy!

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