Tony may have given up golf when we left the states (no courses in the BVI), but he’s found many a hobby to enjoy here in its place: diving, snorkeling, boating, and now competitive sailing! There is a racing series here called IC24.  I don’t know what the IC stands for, but the 24 means that the boats are all 24 feet long.

The guys who own and race these boats often need crew members for their practice runs, and somebody invited the teachers at Cedar International School.  We heard boat ride and free, so we were in!

My job consisted mostly of moving from one side of the boat to the other at precisely the right moment.  Sometimes these boats get so much lean that they’ll flip unless everyone transfers all the weight to the high side.  So, as the boom went over the middle, so did we!

Tony and I were actually on different boats, so I was able to get him in a couple shots!  I didn’t want to take any photos while we were actually racing though, so they’re all from far away and don’t depict much action!  This one is after we’d started heading in.  You can see their jib (front sail) is coming down and Tony’s putting out the fenders so the boat won’t knock into other boats in the marina.

I’ve mentioned before the little sailors and the cute little boats they learn on.  I couldn’t resist taking another photo from up close.  This is actually one of the more advanced classes and they were racing on the same course we were.

Well, Tony’s found a new love, I’m afraid!  He’ll be back on those IC24 boats tomorrow for more racing!




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2 Responses to IC24

  1. debbie says:

    How awesome!! Have fun tony.

  2. b and b schuurms says:

    WOW what an experience, and opportunity!! Enjoy!!! 10 degrees here in old green bay today, wind chill below 0! Go Packers, tomorrows game will have a heat wave, predicting 38 degrees!

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