Holidays are coming…

As the holidays approach, the cool weather is moving in! It’s been below 80 degrees in the mornings lately, and for the first time in months, cuddling is not completely out of the question!

The Mayor’s Christmas Tree is up in the town square and there are Santas, snowmen and Christmas lights decorating the main drag… and yes, it’s totally weird seeing inflated snowmen while looking at beautiful blue sky and warm ocean waves…

The holiday events have been picking up as well. Our staff Christmas party was a couple weeks ago and included a phenomenal dinner buffet at Fort Burt.  You know us girls, we like to dress up and take pictures, so here are some highlights.

I really don’t know what we were all doing with our hands!?

We also learned about the British tradition of Christmas Crackers. They look a lot like these little crafts I made in girl scouts with toilet paper rolls covered in tissue paper… Anyway, everyone gets a Christmas Cracker and crosses their arms over in front of their chests, taking hold of a Cracker in both hands.  Everyone pulls at the same time and POP!  Out come little toys and paper crowns.  This is Gemma and I in ours.

I had just swallowed a massive bite of turkey and was trying to make sure I didn’t have anything in my teeth!

Unfortunately, this fabulous party fell the week after Thanksgiving Break, so we were too tired to stay for the dance party that went until all hours of the evening, but it was a great event!


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3 Responses to Holidays are coming…

  1. debbie says:

    Awww how sweet. We will be missing you guys for the holidays. Olivia says hello. 🙂

  2. Jami says:

    We do Christmas Crackers every year at Becky’s parents house on New Year’s Eve. They often are musical ones that have little horns. Then, she directs us in playing a tune, of course! Fun!

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