Marina Cay

I’d first heard about Marina Cay (Key) on Amelia’s blog, Our BVI Adventure before we even arrived here in August.  I’d suggest visiting her site for the history of the island, as she’s chronicled it quite well!

With our days off for the holidays, I suggested we go for a visit.  It’s very easy to get to and a nice spot for the day.  Here you can see a view of the cabanas and the small beach.

Here’s a sign you see as you head up from the dock.  I liked the pretty colours!

I think what Marina Cay is most famous for is this red telephone box from Britain!  I don’t know why it’s there, but it does make for some good photos.  Look at that water!

The Red Box has a camera set up near it that’s supposed to take pictures every 15 seconds…. turns out it’s actually a little longer than that and we happened to pose precisely between two snaps.  So, while we weren’t planning to go back here (beach is a little rocky), we will now to fix this photo!


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2 Responses to Marina Cay

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Lindy, is Marina Key where Pusser’s restaurant is located? You can only get there by boat? The beach with cabanas looked familiar. I think we’ve been there. Let me know what you think about Anegada. We are going to BVI for spring break – 3/10-18 and have chartered a live-a-board boat with captain to take us to where we want to go. Let me know if you and Tony would like to get together for dinner or drinks as we will be in your neck of the woods. Happy Holidays!

    • Yes, Nancy, Marina Cay is the Pusser’s Island! The food was very good. Pussers also has 3 restaurants on Tortola, but you can only reach the one on Marina Cay by boat.
      Spring Break sounds awesome! That’s the best way to see the islands, I think. And with a captain, there are no worries whatsoever!
      We’d love to get together for dinner/drinks! Email me, or reply to another post, closer to your trip and I’ll send you our local contact info so you can reach us after you arrive. We can talk more details once you have a better idea of what your itinerary will look like.
      Merry Christmas!

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