Some Anegada Photos

Here are some photos to highlight parts of our Anegada trip.  Tony’s actually working on a post about specific parts of the trip, but you’ll have to wait on that one!

We stayed at Neptune’s Treasure, a lovely family-run hotel on the Southern shore.  The rooms look out on Tortola and VG, but it was quite hazy, so we couldn’t really see them.

We spent a considerable amount of time lounging around the hotel and reading.  There is very little to do on Anegada besides those things!

Anegada is best known for it’s Anegada Lobster, which we quite enjoyed.  The 2 1/2 lb. lobster was more than enough for the both of us to split! Here’s the guy from the restaurant pulling our lobster from the ocean a couple hours before we ate it!

Anegada has pink flamingos that live at the salt ponds that make up most of the center of the island.  Unfortunately, they were about as far away from us as they could be while still being in view, so the photo is a little blurry due to the zoom required to capture it!

There’s a cottage rental area on Anegada’s Cow Wreck Bay that was poorly planned in terms of construction… the houses are currently falling into the ocean!

It was a fun trip, and right now I’m blogging from the deck of The Boat, where we’ll be through Christmas.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone!


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3 Responses to Some Anegada Photos

  1. Jami says:

    Looks like a pretty nice place to be on Christmas Eve!!! Enjoy! And, Merry Christmas to you & Tony!

  2. Mike McNicoll says:

    Tell me more about the houses falling into the ocean. How many did they build? How many are still rentable? How old are they?

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