Caribbean Christmas

Since we were not traveling home for Christmas this year, Doug and Kathy were kind enough to invite us to spend a few days on the boat with them in North Sound.   After departing Anegada on Friday, we stopped off in Virgin Gorda.

Living here, transportation is always something that has to be considered.  We had to carefully plan, and even rearrange, our trips according to multiple ferry schedules.

Even the best laid plans though, don’t always work out.  The ferry was scheduled to leave Anegada at 5:00pm on Friday evening. It finally pulled into the dock at 5:10.  Then it took about 30 minutes to unload all the people and boxes that had been on the ferry!  (Granted, it was the last ferry that would arrive in Anegada before Christmas, and being an island of about 200 inhabitants, most of their food and goods is brought from the other islands.)

While in transit I noticed several guys who seemed to work for the ferry company walking around a little agitated.  Then we saw them open up the bowels of the boat and run water into something.  (Tony thinks the engine was overheating and they were adding water to the radiator or something.  I know nothing about engines…)  This delayed us further, so that we were pulling into Virgin Gorda around 6:30, when we’d expected to arrive about 5:45.  Now we were really in a time crunch, as we still needed to find a taxi and drive to the northern most point (that is accessible by car) and take another ferry to reach Doug and Kathy.

We secure a cab easily, and our driver’s assistant even phones the hotel that operates the ferry we need to take at 6:45, asking that they hold it for us!  However, about 2 minutes outside of town, heading up the mountain, another taxi comes careening around a corner and driving right at us in the middle of the road.  This in itself is not so unusual, so our driver didn’t even slow down, but as the taxi zoomed closer and closer, he didn’t get over into his own lane, but sideswiped our taxi!

The driver behind us, some sweet woman on her way home from work, pulled up next to our taxi and the driver asked her to give us a ride, which she did!  She zoomed us up and over the mountain like lightening, delivering us to our destination just 3 minutes after the ferry was scheduled to leave.  They were waiting for us as promised.

How’s that for an arrival?

Luckily the rest of our time was safely uneventful, and quite beautiful.  Here are some photo-highlights.

Looking out on North Sound from Byrus Creek:

Just after Christmas Brunch at The Bitter End Yacht Club:

You can’t have Christmas on the boat without Santa Hats!  Santa even came to see us on Christmas eve with peanut m&ms!

Hope was the center of attention during the light parade and on Christmas day as both boaters and yacht club guests came to see the dog with the Santa hat.

Here’s one of the Bitter End Yacht Club from the mooring field:

One more – this one was taken on our Boxing Day hike arond Bitter End.

While we really missed you all at home, it was a very merry Christmas!

Brandon and Jancy – Sadly, they don’t have Junkanoo in the BVI!



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1 Response to Caribbean Christmas

  1. Pat K. says:

    So awesome! Diana S. and I were just chatting about you two and wondering how the B.V.I. teaching adventure was going! Great shots! I’m so jealous! 😉

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