Thank you!

I walked out of the school office today with a slew of Christmas cards!  Thanks to all who sent us something.  It’s so nice to get mail!

Since I’m on the topic of Christmas, I never did get around to finishing my Christmas post, so I’ll work on that next!

But first, some personal messages:

Grandma McNicoll – Thank you for the snowy card and cash.  We’ll put that to good use tomorrow night at The Watering Hole!

Amy – You always send the best cards.  Looking forward to your next visit, friend!

Mike and Monica – I can’t wait to try the delicious looking dips!  It’s so tough to send food items here, since the mail can take ages.  What a smart idea!  I’m interested to know more about the Women’s Bean Project??

Anne, Grant & Everett – what a beautiful family you make!  Tony was expecially glad to receive mail. : )

Debbie, Kevin, and Olivia – So gorgeous! Can’t wait to meet you, little one!

Jami and Dave – What a perfect card, as always. It’s wonderful to hear from you!  I’m still praying for you, but I really think a Caribbean vaca is what you need ; ).

Nancy – Jami enclosed your clipart CDs – much appreciated!  So thoughtful!

Grandpa and Grandpamother – Yours was actually the first card we received!  It came in yesterday.

Aunt Beth – I know yours is here, but we haven’t received it from the shipping company yet.  Tony is very anxious since I won’t tell him what you’ve sent!

Jeanne, Ron, and Ben  – Wow, what an awesome camera!  Can’t wait to get out snorkeling on Saturday so we can try it out.  Thank you so much!!

I hope I didn’t forget anyone… thank you all so much!  We miss you all!

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