Have you heard about the treasure hunting craze, Geocaching?  I stumbled upon it a few months ago when I was planning my exploration unit, but Tony made fun of me when I brought it up, saying it sounded nerdy.  People leave these little containers in various locations around the world, share the location coordinates with the online community, then use GPS to locate someone else’s “treasure.”  When you find someone’s cache, you leave a little something, sign a book that’s inside, or email someone with an update of who’s been there. There are actually a bunch of caches here on Tortola and some of the surrounding islands.

Well, we had some friends over for dinner last week and were talking about some different hiking trails around the island when they saw the game box for Solar Quest, a favourite game of the Snethen family.  It’s actually a pretty fun game, but when Tony starts spouting the name of every moon in the solar system, as well as various other stats about them, well, it starts to seem a bit… nerdy.  Matt, a science teacher and avid boardgame player, was intrigued.

And thus, the idea for Nerd Day was born.  It was decided that Matt, an experienced Geocacher, would take us to find a cache that he’s found before, and we would end the day with a battle for intergalactic domination.

Word spread, and we had an awesome group assembled for our hike!

Along the way we came across The Bat Cave, though no bats, luckily! 

From the “cave” you could climb out onto the giant boulders and peek out at the ocean 100 feet below.  It made my legs feel like jello just standing there to take the picture!

The kids (and dog) made great leaders!

As we got closer to the cache though there were more and more cacti, and less and less recognizable path, so Stacy took over as lead.

We never did find what we were looking for.  An “impenetrable wall of cacti” blocked our way forward, and we checked the paperwork to realise the last people who found the cache did so 11 months ago.  Then again, when this is the what you see along the way, the journey can’t really be called a failure, can it?

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4 Responses to Geocaching

  1. b and b schuurms says:

    What an awesome game!! The pictures are beautiful, but they could be better if Mr. Snethen would bring back the smiling in pics!:) Looks like another wonderful experience!!

  2. Dee Ann Heptas says:

    It’s all about the journey. On a tough day in Africa, I’ll think of Sacajawea and keep journeying.

  3. pam mcnicoll says:

    What FUN! And Solar Quest – Yippee!!! Can we play in a few weeks Tony?!! The hike (and crew) look wonderful!!!! I don’t care to run into those cacti though!!!
    See YOU both SOON!

  4. Nikki says:

    Brian has been geocaching and LOVED it! Apparently that is on the “must” list after we get married. Glad you had a good day!

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