Women Who Wine

A moonlit boat ride to a quiet island, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and a bottomless wine glass.  Could be a recipe for a romantic evening… but this was Women Who Wine at Scrub Island.  Once a month the spa opens its doors in the evening for a girl’s night out, and this month, we were in attendance!  Unfortunately, no pictures, (too busy relaxing) but I’ve found a couple from the internet to share with you.

The Scrub Island Spa is located in a private villa overlooking eastern Tortola and several other islands.

After spending the evening in the spa, I could definitely see myself relaxing here for awhile! (which is the point, of course!)  Here’s a view of the infinity pool, which guests are free to enjoy before or after any scheduled treatments.

This event took place after dark, so we weren’t able to enjoy the stunning views, but did enjoy a few hours time with many lovely ladies, including some from faraway San Fransisco and Germany who were vacationing at the resort.  I think all who attended will be looking forward to our next trip to Scrub… now if we can only get the school schedule to align so we’re not having to work the next day!  I guess that’s what summer is for…




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1 Response to Women Who Wine

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Ahhhh! So lovely. Thanks for rubbing it in — we had not just cold weather today, but a lengthy hail storm. — and now I’m having my “whine” (snicker!)

    Missing you at school. Nancy

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