All before noon…

The boat is laden with people.  There are eight, in fact, on a boat that could hardly seat four comfortably, as well as bags, towels, lunch coolers, shoes, and snorkel gear.  How did we end up all together, crashing through the waves, as one man stood to moon a boat full of naked people?  Let me back up and explain.

A couple Sundays ago a large group of us decided to make the trip to Jost Van Dyke, home of the famous Soggy Dollar Bar.  Trips like this are always dependent on the wind and waves, but Tony had taken Rue (our rib) out for a little spin and declared all to be okay.  I dropped him off at the boat, left the laundry at the mat to be picked up later, and went to the Jolly Roger, our meet-up point.  While some of the ladies and I sat on the dock in the morning sun, Tony rode across the harbour to pick up the grocery store contingent and bring them back to wait with us for the other boat to be ready.  After some more sitting in the sun, which was quite lovely in itself, we received a call that there were issues with the other boat.  Quick-thinking-Tony suggested he’d take some of us over to Little Thatch, a privately owned island just outside Soper’s Hole, to wait on the beach until the other boat was fixed.  Then we’d all head over to Jost together.

Tony set off with the 5 ladies on his boat and dropped us at Little Thatch where we enjoyed snacks and more chat time.  We smiled and made some small talk with the guests on the island, welcoming them to the BVI.  Stacy played around on this tree that is growing parallel to the ground.  It was all good, but it was quite wavy, so we’d already began questioning the liklihood of reaching our destination.

Tony returned shortly with two of the fellas.  Due to the swell, I motioned for Tony to go around the end of the island, because there is a dock there, rather than try to bring the boat up to the beach.  It had been pretty iffy when the ladies got off the boat, and I figured boarding it would be even worse when it was time to leave.  Tony drove around and the boys came to join us on the beach.

After another call from the other guys working on the boat, things on their end were getting worse and worse.  Batteries had been transferred between boats and cars, mechanics were called, and now cars were dead as well.  However, that wasn’t the worst news.  Behind us, a golf cart zipped down the hill and screeched to a halt.  An angry man insisted on speaking to the captain about the dinghy tied to his dock.  (My bad!)

Our theory is the island guests complained to management about the people on their private beach… there are no private beaches in the BVI.  (By law, all beaches are public.  But that doesn’t stop people from advertising their resorts however they want to.)  He couldn’t kick us off the island, but insisted we move our boat, which we all understood and were fine with.  However, it was a pretty big buzz-kill to our lovely, lazy, Sunday.

No longer feeling welcome, we packed up, nodded oh-so-politely to the resort guests, and loaded onto Rue.  That’s how we ended up with 8 people on our little rib.  Now, the naked people.

Believe it or not, public nudity really is taboo here in the BVI.  So, imagine our surpise as we rode by a little cruise ship (the white one in the background of the picture above) anchored just outside Soper’s Hole and saw men jumping on a water trampoline and sliding down a water slide –  in the buff!  A closer inspection reveiled that the whole boat was naked – a nudie cruise!  This discovery warranted a litany of probably-less-than-clever-but-humorous-at-the-time jokes, and of course a full moon.

So, we’d been on a boat ride, kicked off an island, and saw a nudie cruise, all before noon!  However, we still hadn’t had our Painkillers on the beach yet.  Luckily the other guys were finished fixing the other boat and we could all head over the Cane Garden Bay and enjoy Sebastian’s 2 for $5 specials the rest of the afternoon!

Oh wait, I nearly forgot!  That wasn’t the end of our excitement!  While lounging on the beach, we saw dolphins swimming between the boats in the mooring field.  Dolphins are a rare sighting, so everyone jumped up and rushed toward the water.  Suddenly, Clint was off like a light and running down the beach.  He dove into the water and swam like, well, a dolphin!  I don’t think even he knew he could swim with such speed.  After just minutes he was far out into the harbour.  As he came up for air, there they were!  Clint actually swam with the dolphins!

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2 Responses to All before noon…

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    A fantastic story as they ALL are!! Tell the “Captain” that I am looking forward to a ride in his boat next weekend!!
    I don’t suppose I need to ask if there were 8 life jackets in boat! (just a Mom question!)
    Glad a great time was had by ALL!

  2. heptas55 says:

    I think your parents would enjoy a little bit of nude cruise sighting, too! You know your adventure helped me have the faith for mine. Love, Dee Ann

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