Restaurant Review – Brisani’s

A Friday evening will often find us sitting under the palm trees at The Watering Hole.  Last Friday, though, we decided to venture out and try something new.  Brisani’s, at Prospect Reef, is a lovely little place right on the water.  It was quite dark by the time I remembered to take these pictures, but here you can see the hip little bar in the corner.

Here’s a view of the dining room, which featured cushioned seats and lilly centerpieces.  The restaurant is open on both sides, so there are great breezes as well.  

The appetizers we ordered were fabulous and the atmosphere was quiet and relaxing.   The service was good too!  Good service is really rare on Tortola, so it was nice to have a smiling waitress, new drinks brought speedily, and old glasses removed regularly! Glancing at the lunch and dinner menus, this would be a great place to come back for a date night.

Doug even found someone to do some math with!  This little girl was struggling to convert measurements.  When her mom heard that we were all teachers she asked if we could help.  Doug was all over it!

It was a great evening and a great experience at Brisani’s, until it was time to go.  The bill came, and it looked vastly different than what we’d expected.  The bar tender explained that the Manager, who’d seated us and taken our orders, had told us the wrong pricing.  The Happy Hour Special was $1 off, rather than the 1/2 off that she’d offered us.  He tried to make it sound like it was our fault or like we were trying to cheat him or something!  It took some cajoling, but eventually he grudgingly went back to adjust the bill.

I don’t think we’ll be back at Brisani’s any time soon!




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1 Response to Restaurant Review – Brisani’s

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    Looks like a LOVELY place and right up until that last paragraph I was going to write – Can we please go there this weekend!!
    Although – I am hungry for cranberry pizza, too!!

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