Restaurant Review – Tamarind Club

Wow!  There’s been so much going on lately, that I’m really behind on my blogging!  Ok, ok, I’ll admit it.  I’m behind because Tony and I have discovered that new TV series “The Firm,” based on the John Grisham book

and spend most of our free time at home watching that,”SVU,” or “The Office” now, rather than doing something productive.  Anyway, there IS a lot to share, and since I’m home sick today, I’m hoping to get caught up while coughing on the couch and drinking hot tea.

First up is a Restaurant Review of The Tamarind Club.  I’d read about The Tamarind from a variety of sources before arriving on Tortola, all with rave reviews.  I’ve been wanting to check it out myself for months now and finally made it happen a couple weeks ago when I organised a Sunday Brunch.

Tony was actually completing his scuba certification that day, so he wasn’t able to stay and eat, but he dropped me off on his way to Hodge’s Creek.  We were driving down the hill that leads to Josiah’s Bay and saw this teeny tiny sign that said Tamarind.  Looking at the spot the sign pointed to, we couldn’t believe that virtually empty field was our destination, so we turned at the sign and followed the road back through some trees, where it dead-ended at a lovely rental house.  This clearly was not where I’d be meeting 5 other people for brunch.  Perhaps the empty-looking field was where we wanted to be? So I made Tony promise not to leave until I’d confirmed that this really was the place.  This was the view  when I reached the top of the stairs.

The dining room is completely open, but is surrounded by trees, which is why I couldn’t see it from the parking lot below.  I can see why so many people stay here over and over again.  While it’s not right next to a beach, the atmosphere is calm and inviting, with the bright blues and greens and eclectic old furniture pieces.

Here’s a view of the pool area, with the swim-up bar and hotel rooms in the background.

Breakfast was fabulous as well!  None of us had researched the menu before booking, so Matt arrived ready for a buffet, which they don’t have.  Instead he ordered the Gut Buster – double portions of their Traditional English Breakfast.

I believe that’s 4 eggs however you like them, a double serving of homefries, 4 sausage links, bacon, toast, tomatoes, and a whole bowl of baked beans.  Never one to disappoint – he at the whole thing!

I had the Eggs Benedict, my favourite breakfast dish, with homefries.  It was incredible – definitely the best I’ve ever had!

The Tamarind Sunday Brunch gets double thumbs up from me.  I’m excited to go back for another meal sometime!

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1 Response to Restaurant Review – Tamarind Club

  1. b and b schuurms says:

    WOW that looks like an Uncle Bob breakfast! He loves all those foods. Sounds like a wonderful time. Heard you had a great visit with Parents! Take care of yourself!!

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