Visitors! Part I

Last weekend was Mid-Term Break for Trimester 2, so we had Thursday and Friday off school.  On Thursday evening Mom and Dad McNicoll arrived from Kansas City!They’d been up since 4am and had a harrowing experience on the ferry from St. Thomas, but they’d made it!  And with almost everything on my shopping list!  (In the 4am fog, one forgets about the airline’s liquid restrictions.)  Anyway, I was so glad they were here!  Mom had come to visit in November (see First Visitors), but this was Dad’s first trip to the island, and the first time we’d been together since we left in August!

Since the ferry was overflowing with people and luggage, we were in a time crunch to reach our favourite first-night-with-visitors spot, Bananakeet Cafe.  In fact, we just missed the sunset, but arrived in time to see some great colours in the sky and have a sundowner.

When we got back home we treated Mom and Dad to some of Vanessa’s signature Rotis with Mango Chutney, and beans & rice.  Then Dad and I whipped Mom and Tony at my favourite childhood game, Spades!  Since it’d been a long day of travel for Mom and Dad, and a long day of cleaning for Tony and me, it was early to bed that first night.

First thing Friday morning it was off to another favourite spot to bring guests, D’Best Cup in Soper’s Hole. While it’s much easier to walk or drive to Soper’s, we decided to take Mom and Dad for a ride in the boat!  Tony picked us up at The Jolly Roger and we motored across the marina for breakfast.  After splitting two full French Toasts breakfasts (eggs and meat for the men, french toast and fruit for the ladies) with coffee and smoothies, Tony decided we should try for Jost Van Dyke and The Soggy Dollar Bar.

The ride over to Jost went pretty well, and Tony was able to figure out how to anchor the boat for the first time (though we did keep an eye on it in case it started to drift too far!).  The only mishap was when I didn’t wait for Tony’s “go ahead” to get out and pull us in… rather I fell in over my head… but I learned my lesson. We hung out on the beach for an hour or so, enjoyed a drink and the sunshine, and laughed at the tourists in too small man-kinis trying to use Euros at the bar, before we got the itch to move on.

I wish I could say the ride back went just as smoothly.  Instead, the wind had picked up steadily and blew every wave into our faces as we made our way back to Tortola.  Tony did an excellent job juggling the boat’s speed and the passenger’s comfort, but it was a wet ride It was too bad that we’d left the snorkel gear in the car.  If we’d had it with us, I think Dad and I would have worn it to protect our eyes from the onslaught of salt!

Finally, we arrived back in Soper’s and I took Mom and Dad up to the house to shower while Tony took care of the boat.  About an hour later we were all showered and ready to head into town for a few hours.  Mom and I had a little shopping to do, so Tony took Dad on a tour of Cedar and to the grocery store for some fruit.

Dad really liked Riteway!  He had a very unique experience, one I’ve never had in any grocery store, much less Riteway.  Singing Cashiers!?!  Who knew?

Since we’d missed the sunset the night before, we made sure to be on the deck with a sundowner that evening.  I sure am glad we were!  It was one of the most unusual sunsets I’ve seen.  The sky was particularly hazy, so much so that you could look direcly at the sun with no problem.  At one point it looked like the sun was cut in half as we watched it sink below the clouds.

That night Tony grilled fish and potatoes, another excellent meal.  A game of Balderdash and it was off to bed.  Saturday was going to be a big day!

Stay Tuned for Visitors Part II!






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1 Response to Visitors! Part I

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    I can truly say that the Snethen’s are the BEST hosts!!! What a fantastic trip we had!!!
    Love, Mom

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