I’m excited to announce that I’ve booked my tickets home over Spring Break!  Tony will be staying here on Tortola all by his lonesome, and I’ll be singing “Kansas City, here I come!”  Mark your calendars for April 2nd – 10th.  I’ll have nearly 8 months of shopping and hanging out to catch up on!


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6 Responses to Booked!

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    I hope you’ll make time in your “shopping” schedule to hang out with your friends at Scarborough — miss you!

  2. pam mcnicoll says:

    Calendar is MARKED! Gift cards are being purchased!!!
    Can’t wait!

  3. debbie says:

    Not to mention a cute little girl to meet. 🙂

  4. Megan says:

    I hope I can get to see you…lunch, coffee, dinner, whatever you might be able to squeeze in.

  5. Marcella says:

    It would be so nice to see you for dinner or a movie. Jo, Janice and I are looking forward to seeing you, of course we can’t compete with a precious baby!! See you soon!:)

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