Valentine’s Day

The last several years, for Valentine’s Day, we’ve done dinner at home or ordered Papa John’s heart shaped pizza deal.  For our first Valentine’s Day overseas, though, Tony went all out!  I was called to the office first thing this morning to pick these up!

Tony was keeping our dinner reservation a secret, but when we turned left at the bottom of Zion Hill, it became obvious that we were heading for Long Bay Beach Resort’s restaurant, 1748. We’d never been there before, but Tony’d read me the menu and it sounded divine. It was! I tried to take some photos, but the first seating was after dark, so they don’t really catch the ambiance.

We arrived on Tony Time (10 minutes early) and the light was quickly fading as we looked out over the roaring ocean.  When we checked in with the Hostess, she gave me a pink tipped rose and wished us both a Happy Valentine’s Day, as did most of the wait-staff as we walked by.  The tables were all lit by candles and decked in red and white linens.  Most of the restaurant was empty, actually.  Tony knew that they were seating in 3 waves. (We were in the first wave, as were most of the elderly guests at Long Bay Resort, as far as we could tell.  There was a lot of white hair… or no hair… all around us.)  It was clear though that they wouldn’t be turning any tables between the first and last waves.  That also meant that we were closest to the ocean, and since they had all the tables tilted toward the water, it made it seem like we were the only ones there!

Now, on to the food!

Warning: Don’t read the rest when hungry!

The menu was one of those fixed deals with a lot of courses and a few choices for one set price.  A big price.  But, wow, were we impressed.  The waitress brought rolls and the evening’s signature cocktail, then took our order. We each started with Vodka and Coconut Crab Meat Soup with Fresh Cilantro,which melted in your mouth.

The service was fabulous from nearly everyone at the resaurant.  Almost as soon as we finished one dish, they brought the next.  The soup was followed by Conch, Lobster, and Mango Ceviche with Spicy Tomato Broth and Homemade Tortilla Chips.  I didn’t know what Ceviche was, but I’ve now had it a couple times just since V-Day!  Tony had the Grilled Lemongrass Skewered Sea Scallops and was quite pleased.

The salad was nothing special, but we had a little time to get up and dance in the light rain at that point.  The music was presented live by “Mad Romance,” a husband and wife duo.

Then came the entrees.  Tony had the Tea Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Carmelized Shallots and Peanut Peppercorn sauce, cooked to perfection.   I sprung for the Oven Baked Spiny Lobster with Hollandaise and Coconut Cream Sauce served with Truffle Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Garden Vegetables.   I don’t usually take pictures of my food, but this has got to be seen to be believed!  It was almost as wide as the table!

Did I make the intelligent, healthy choice and wisely set aside 1/2 this scrumptous meal so I could enjoy it again the next day? Absolutely not! I ate the whole darn thing. And I liked it!  I also asked if they regularly had this dish on their menu.  Sadly, she said no, it’s just a special occasion item.

After that, there was even dessert!  I had the Strawberry Romanoff Shortcake, which was good, but nothing compared to the dessert I’d made at home the night before. This is my version:

Tony had the Double Chocolate Delight with Raspberry Sauce and insisted on eating every bite to “get his money’s worth!” : )

By the time we made it over the hill and back home, we were ready to collapse into a food coma for the night!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and we send you lots of love!

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Scrumptious! Tony’s a keeper! =)

  2. pam mcnicoll says:

    OH my GOSH!! Flowers – gorgeous! Restaurant – Beautiful! AND GREAT SERVICE! WOW!!!!!
    YOU strawberry shortcake looks just as tasty as the Cheesecake factory!
    Erica and I enjoyed fine dining at St. Paul’s fish fry last night!!!!
    Exchanged phone for one that is skype compatible – Nita hooked it all up. Next skype call if I’m not home – it will ring right on my phone!!!!!

  3. b and b schuurms says:

    WOW! Happy Valentines! How spectacular, especially that lobster dish! Coconut sauce!! I love anything with coconut! Flowers were gorgeous! Have a wonderful week. Lots of love to you both!

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