Guest Blogger – Mom

Our first Guest Post came from Amy, when she came to visit in the fall.  When Mom read that, she wanted to make a Guest Post as well!  Here it it:

What a FANTASTIC trip to Tortola!! Of course, my intention was to write my guest blog the minute I returned home!  Instead I decided to sleep for 2 days upon arriving home!

This trip was a whirlwind– 3 days of FUN, LOVE, ADVENTURE with a capital A, GREAT FRIENDS and FOOD, CHRISTMAS, SUN, BOATING and did I mention FUN – all rolled into 1!!!  Thus the 2 days of SLEEP!! I came home with a few bruises, scrapes, a bee sting – hurts lots when stung on the bottom of one’s foot!!, some bug bites, a GREAT TAN, A JOY FILLED heart spending time with Lindy and Tony, a VERY HAPPY belly (Lindy is becoming quite the cook! – Pesto stuffed chicken – YUM!!)  I feel quite empowered after JUMPING OFF THE WILLY T boat!!!!  Who would have thought I would jump off a boat?!  I snorkeled into a cave!!! TWICE!!  WOW!  Tony and I are finally the reigning CHAMPS of the ongoing SPADES card game – it has been awhile since we have held that title!!! (Correction: they won 1 game) The chickens did NOT keep me up at night, thus I had decided to let them live to see another day!!  Breakfast at Sopers Hole – 2 times – what a treat!  I found out that shopping on the Island on the first day makes so much sense – was able to wear what I bought vs. bringing it home to Kansas in February and looking at it  for 5 months!! It was very special to watch Mike and Lindy embrace after not seeing each other for 6 months.  That is the longest time that Mike hasn’t seen his baby girl!!  He enjoyed learning his way around the island. He enjoyed the drink of the island – the “Painkiller”, although then discovered the “Dark and Stormy” drink and REALLY liked that one!!

This was quite the adventure filled trip – we boated with Tony at the helm of the dinghy.  That was an adventure that I AM looking forward to repeating next trip!  He handled the boat GREAT!  I had the best seat in the boat (although when I was lifted off my seat it was so hard not to say – OUCH – in fact, it would pop out at each “lifting” and then I would quickly follow that up with -” I’m fine!!!!” We climbed to the highest peak of the Island!  That was great – a workout that allowed me to say – today I will eat ANYTHING I want to!!!

Spending the day on the Catamaran snorkeling was a special treat.  BUT what made that so special was spending time with so many of Lindy and Tony’s Island friends. They are such a special group of people. Hailing from all over the world, they bring a perspective to the island that is amazing.  And of course along with that comes some of the coolest accents I have ever heard – especially when heard all in the same place!!  We spent the most time with Michelle and Clint – being from South Africa they had much to teach me and I learned alot!!  It was so touching when Michelle and I were visiting and she said that she and Clint had been praying for quite some time that someone would come into their lives with the Christian beliefs that they hold dear, and they now feel that prayer has been answered through Lindy and Tony’s arrival!  What a special bond the 4 of them are forming!

I could go on, but I am getting tired again just from reviewing what I have written!  To sum it up – although I miss Lindy and Tony VERY much, I am THRILLED at the adventure they are experiencing, and I am GRATEFUL they are so willing to share it with all of us!  I recommend that YOU get your reservation in quickly to stay at the Casa Snethen soon – UNLESS it is a time when I am occupying the guest room!!! Much love to them- Mom

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2 Responses to Guest Blogger – Mom

  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip filled with lots of fun & adventure!!

  2. heptas55 says:

    Pam- What a great trip! I miss you. I guess it was Mike’s turn to see Lindy with you. Fun to remember being there. If I could just find a boat ride in Tarime, it would be perfect. See you soon. Hope all is well. Lindy, one of my roommates is a student teacher here who has a gorgeous voice, curly hair, is a lot of fun a and Sunday it dawned on me she reminds me of you!
    Love to all, Dee Ann

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