Visitors Part II

So, our weekend with Mom and Dad McNicoll was so jammed packed, I couldn’t fit it all into one post!

On Saturday of their visit a group of Cedar folks all booked spots on a Voyage Day Sail trip.  There were 18 people with us, including 4 guests from out of town, two other Cedar folks who’d booked seperately, and two randoms who had to put up with us all!  Our Captain and Hostess were a lovely South African couple who made it a great day. 

Even at 10:00, there was still a bit of a chill in the air as we pulled out of Soper’s Hole headed for The Indians, our first snorkel spot.

The Indians lie near Norman Island and this picture was taken as we came around the southern edge.  That’s Tortola in the background.  Tony and I hadn’t been here yet, so we were glad this was one of the destinations on the daysail!  This spot is known for stellar snorkeling, so despite the chill, it was on with the gear and in the water!

The snorkeling really was incredible!  Here are some shots that Tony took with our underwater camera!

Once we were in the water and swimming away, it heated up pretty quick, but getting back on the boat was chilly!  After about an hour at The Indians though, it was time to go to our next destination, The Caves.  The Caves on Norman Island are rumoured to be those described in Treasure Island, and treasure really was found there at one time!  However, without a waterproof flashlight, I wasn’t in too far!  Dad and I glimpsed inside and then made our way toward the point.  Tony ventured around the point and saw an octapus!  Unfortunately our camera battery was dead by then, so I probably missed my one chance at capturing one on film in the wild.

No worries though, because after our second snorkel, it was food and drink time!  They brought out the Painkillers and we headed toward our lunch destination, The William Thornton.

Better known as the Willy T, this rusted, floating restaurant is a favourite amoung the party crowd.  It was another first for us, and I think all were pleasantly surprised about the food (except for poor Peter who got food poisoning the next day!).  Apparently, it’s best to visit the Willy T during the light of day, as things tend to get a little crazy at night.  At one time, those who jumped off the Willy T in the buff were rewarded with a free t-shirt.  The shirts are a thing of the past, but jumping isn’t.  Luckily, most who do it during the day do so with all their clothes on.

The kids decided they wanted to jump, which started quite the trend!

All the adults started thinking, if those kids can do it, so can I!  And off they all went!  Climbing right over that sign and jumping off.

Here’s Mom and the nice gay man who offered to jump with her. 

Dad, never one to be shown up, had to jump off as well!

Nearly everyone jumped, except me of course as I was the photographer!  Even our Head of School jumped with a member of the board who just happended to be at the Willy T that day.

By the way, I think all my friends here think I’m just THE coolest because BOTH of my parents jumped off the Willy T!  I’m just glad they both did it clothed.

After all that excitement we got to enjoy the trip back to Soper’s with another round of PKs and good company!

That night we celebrated Christmas with Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts and pasta in a tomato cream sauce… that’s right.  I cooked all that, from scratch!

The next day we let Tony sleep in.  Mom, Dad, and I walked over to Soper’s for another breakfast at D’Best Cup.  Then it was off to Sage Mountain.  When I asked Dad what he wanted to do on this visit, he said he wanted to see the island from top to bottom, so we had to take him for the hike to the highest point!

No, we don’t know where that t-shirt came from… but we did spend much of the weekend trying to figure it out!

Here’s Dad and Tony “trying to hold up this enormous boulder.”

It was quite muddy, so Dad was trying to protect his one pair of shoes – not an easy task. We’re thinking next time he should pack a back-up pair.

At the last Look Out Point:

We hiked for about an hour and a half, then drove to Trunk Bay to meet our friends.  Trunk Bay was yet another place Tony and I were visiting for the first time that weekend! Trunk is very difficult to get to, and as such it is often deserted.  We nearly had the beach to ourselves, and enjoyed a pot-luck style lunch, playing in the water, and even a couple games of Mafia!

The only downside to yet another fabulous day was that Mom stepped on a bee, whose stinger lodged in her foot!  She had a painful walk back to the car. : (

For Mom and Dad’s last evening on Tortola, we went to The Elms in Cane Garden Bay, where our coworker Steve plays in the band every Sunday night.  We’d heard fabulous things about their Sunday BBQ and were excited to try it out.  Apparently a lot of other people had heard the same thing, and the place was packed!  We were lucky that a couple were sitting at a long table by themselves and offered to let us have the other half of their table.  The dinner was phenomenal, as was the band!

It was an action-packed weekend and was so wonderful to spend time with my parents!  A good time was had by all.  When we asked Dad what he wanted to do on his next visit to Tortola, he began listing everything we’d done this time!  We look forward to welcoming them back in October!

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3 Responses to Visitors Part II

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Sounds like you had a great time with your parents. Willy T’s for drinks, the Caves and the Indians for snorkeling are on our “to do list next” week. See you soon. Have you picked a place for us to have dinner/drinks with you and Tony?

  2. b and b schuurms says:

    WOW sounds like absolute heaven!! I will jump off the boat too! If Pam can, I can! The food and drinks sound spectacular! Love you, have a great week.

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