Monday was H. Lavity Stout Day in the BVI, a public holiday.  Stout was the longest serving Chief Minister of the territory and was instrumental in the founding of the Community College on Tortola, which bears his name.

A public holiday means no school for Cedar, which is what brought us to the movie theatre on a Sunday night!  After lounging at the recently cleaned up Smuggler’s Cove, (it’s looking REALLY nice right now – no trash, thinned out brush, and no rusting car!) we were trying to arrange evening plans.  Plan A was “This Means War” with Reece Witherspoon for the ladies and “Safe House” with Morgan Freeman for the gentlemen.  However, the movies started an hour apart, and we didn’t want to hang out at U.P’s (yes, that’s the “correct” spelling of their name… and no, we do not know what the U stands for!) waiting for the guys to get out of their movie.  It’s a good thing we didn’t, too!

Arriving at the theatre 15 minutes before showtime, Tony began searching for a parking space.   There is a very narrow car park behind the theatre, and after making it in about a 1/3 of the way, it became evident that the car in front of us didn’t find a spot either and had begun to back out.  We were just about the do the same when 2 cars pulled in behind us, lightly tapped our bumper, and stopped.  The drivers got out of their vehicles, and began unloading bags of ice out of the back of one of the vehicles.  Tony flipped a lid at this, and got out of the truck to insist that the driver, who he recognised as a U.P’s manager, move his vehicle so we could get out.  He declined, so Tony had to negotiate the narrow space between two rows of parked cars and this other guy’s jeep in reverse.  Luckily this sort of thing is typical on Tortola, so there were several random men who stepped in to help direct the driving and we found a place to park down the block, where we came across Clint and Michelle.

It was now just a few minutes to showtime, so we hustled to the desk to buy tickets from the exceedingly disinterested ticket salesman.  He informed us that our movie was no longer showing at 8:30, but had been pushed back to 9:15.  We killed some time in the arcade (I ruled at Mrs. Packman) and in the food court (ice cream) before heading down to the bowling alley/bar where we saw this 6 year-old girl just cranking out the spares at bumper bowling!  (Yes, all those places are IN the movie theatre.  It’s the most all-in-one place there is on island.)

About 9, we went upstairs to purchase movie snacks and wait to get into the theatre.

The theatres are nice inside and the movie was good.  The sounds was a little off – too loud in parts, and too quiet in others, but that may have been due to the people talking through the film!  Both sets of ladies in front and behind us talked on cell phones at least once during the movie… And it was a bit distrubing to hear so many people laughing during the gun fighting scenes…. Other than that, it was a good experience.


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1 Response to Movies

  1. Mrs. J says:

    What a great evening, and an even more entertaining blog post!

    One thing I particularly enjoyed that evening was the child sitting in our row, around 17 years too young for the film, and plugging away on some cell phone whilst his mother giggled her way through a BBM conversation!

    Aah, the Caribbean! Gotta love it… Luckily, we do!

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