Salsa Update

Recently I shared with you all the travesty that is our rapidly depleting stock of Mango Salsa.  Thank you all for the outpouring of support over our dilemma!  Alas, Newman’s Salsa of any flavour continues to allude us.  As mentioned in my previous post on this topic, I’ve been looking into creating my own Mango Salsa and Monday (H. Lavity Stout Day) was the day to test it out.

I found this recipe on Pinterest (see original blog post here) and thought it looked pretty easy, so I started chopping.

You’re seeing red pepper, onion, mango, tomato and cilantro.  The original recipe didn’t call for the red pepper, but I thought it would be a nice addition, so I sauteed it with the onions.  Tony doesn’t like onion, so I thought that might tone down the flavour a bit.

I began tasting as I went and found that my imported tomatoes tasted pretty watery, so I upped the amount of mango, added some garlic salt and chile powder, and mixed.  Voila!

Not too shabby!  Mine’s a little chunkier than the original recipe, but I don’t have a blender and my poor hands did the best they could.  It’s no Newmans, but it will do!



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