Commonwealth Day

Thanks to the fact that the BVI is a part of the British Commonwealth, we have another 3 day weekend, this one in honour of Commonwealth Day on Monday.  It’s been a great kick-off to the weekend so far.

Bunny Chow

Clint and Michelle are from Durban, South Africa, a large city on the East coast of the country.  Durban has a large Indian population, from which came the popular dish Bunny Chow.  The ingredients for Bunny Chow can be difficult to come by here in the BVI, but the couple recently made the 2-3 day (one way!) trek back home over Christmas and brought back what they needed, so on Friday night they invited us to their home to partake in this infamous culinary delight!  Here you can see Tony preparing to eat his Bunny.

That wierd face he’s making is a bunny imitation!  Here’s a close-up look at the beef curry in a bread bowl.  On top is the bread that was scooped out to form the bowl.  This is mine, which was a 1/4 Bunny.

Clint and Michelle thought of everything!  The South African flag hung on the wall adjacent the table and African documentaries played on the TV inside.  At each seat was a cheat-sheet of Durban slang, which we all enjoyed trying out, and Clint even thanked us all for attending in Zulu while Michelle translated!  The meal was phenomenal, and obviously quite filling!  Only Matt E was able to eat his entire 1/2 loaf Bunny!

Art Show and SUPing!

This weekend is the BVI’s annual arts and crafts fair, and Stacy’s secondary art students were hosting an informational booth about printmaking, so several of us ladies went out to check out the fair.  Apparently this year’s event was a lot bigger than past years.  There were lots of vendors selling everything from soap and baked goods to massive paintings to leather and calabash purses.  The building you see in this picture is Aragorn’s Studio, a well known shop for local art, books, and clothing.  My students went there on a field trip in January, and it’s a really nice facility.  Aragorn and his wife usually organise this event.

After “window” shopping, it was off to Long Bay, where the boys were going to join us after their tennis matches.  You’ve seen me post about Long Bay before, but that’s out west near our home.  This Long Bay is on Beef Island, about as far east as you can go. (There are several places on Tortola that have the same names for 2 or even 3 different locations!)  I hadn’t been to this beach before, but was impressed! Here’s the view looking left…

and right. (That’s Great Camino Island, an exclusive and expensive “neighbourhood.”)

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day!  Matt and Stacy borrowed some SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boards from the school, and I was both nervous and excited to try it for the first time.  When we first went out, Michelle and I were both on the board together.  I was able to paddle on my knees pretty well, but it was too shaky to stand up until Michelle hopped off for a swim, then I found I was not bad at SUPing!  Michelle and Stacy gave Gemma and me great advice – don’t look down and start paddling right away.  With those tips, I didn’t fall once… until I was almost on shore and a crashing wave knocked me off balance.  Unfortunately, that’s when Tony was about to take the picture, so sadly there is no photographic evidence of my excellence.

Tony, unfortunately, didn’t experience the same amount of success that I did.  He spent A LOT of time trying to get back up onto the board.  He was okay while paddling on his knees… most of the time… but when he tried to stand up… not so much.

When he finally gave up and came back to the beach for some lunch, he told me, “We’ve finally found the one sport that you’re good at and I’m not!”  Those were words neither of us thought would ever be uttered!

Saturday night is being spent here at home, as we rest from exherting ourselves so much and I mentally prepare for the rest of our weekend.  Tomorrow morning starts at 9 am with the sea to summit hike up a ghut (dry riverbed).  Assuming we all make it through that alive, tomorrow evening will be spent camping on Trunk Bay Beach.  Again, something you probably never thought you’d hear from me!

Wish me luck, please!! : )


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3 Responses to Commonwealth Day

  1. Mike McNicoll says:


    I was very surprised you felt you needed to explain Tony’s bunny imitation. I found it to be remarkably obvious.


  2. beth says:

    How awesome. Another wonderful experience/opportunity! Yes camping from you lindy is quite a surprise. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Amy Freedman says:

    Omygosh I want to try the SUP! Please please!? I had my first “I’m at the airport and forgot my passport” dream last night. Glad to hear you had a fun 3 day weekend!!

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