Sunday night, after the ghut hike, 12 of us camped on Trunk Bay.  You can see our campsite on the beach here.  There are also 3 hammocks back in the trees.

Trunk is on the northern side of the island and there was a swell coming in, so several of us took advantage of the waves… not me.  My scratched-up legs weren’t loving the salt water.  That’s Tony’s head sticking up just above the wave.

While we were camping, thankfully we weren’t really roughing it!  Everybody brought lots of food to share.  We had a table to store all the food on and a grill to cook the meat.

The kids did a great job of gathering firewood, and we soon had a roaring fire, just in time for sundown.

Dinner was fabulous – I think we all completely stuffed ourselves with sliders, kabobs, pasta and potato salad, etc.  After the kids went to sleep Laurie broke out their ice cream maker.  It looked like a soccer ball but has two openings.  One end opens into a cylinder that runs through the middle of the ball for the cream, sugar, and vanilla, and the other end allows you to fill the ball with ice and salt.  Then you just kick the ball around for a 1/2 hour or so, so we sat around the fire eating ice cream!  There were no S’Mores, as no one was able to find marshmallows (though apparently we all looked!) so ice cream was a great substitute.

As the fire began to die down, Tony began to talk more and more about walking across hot coals.  At first I think everyone thought he was joking.  He was not.  They all tried to talk him out of it, which I appreciated, but he would have none of it.  He laid out a course of hot coals that was about 8 feet long.

Laurie seemed amazed at my reaction to Tony’s choice, which was just to remain quiet.  I’d already said my piece and knew there would be no changing his mind.  Instead I silently set out my own little nursing station in preparation for the walk.

Aunt Beth, I think you’d be proud of me!  I had my fresh water jug and my burn pads.  There was a towel for the patient to sit on, and I wore Tony’s head lamp so I could see the affected areas.

Tony was the first to walk across the coals, which he did quickly but with control, just as was advocated on the many YouTube videos he’d watched in preparation for his walk.

As expected though, Tony’s success inspired 4 others to make the walk themselves!  Even Stacy and Michelle took the plunge!

I don’t think they were quite as happy about it as Tony was though… both ladies requested my first aid services. : (  There were no trips to the hospital required though, so I’d deem it a success!

After all the excitement, we spent a little more time around the dying fire until it started to rain and we all ran for cover.  It was a fitful night’s sleep between my sore muscles and the fact that I was sleeping on the ground, which meant an early morning.

While camp is never on the top of my list for fun activities, it was pretty darn cool to go to sleep and wake up with the waves crashing and to step out directly onto the beach in the morning!

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3 Responses to Camping

  1. beth says:

    Lindy Jo, I am so very proud of you!!! Nice job, as for tony, you crack me up! Very Cool! Love you both!

  2. Megan says:

    Oh you just earned points in my book as I HATE camping. Although I believe on a beach I just might be able to do it. Especially in the “style” that you did.

  3. pam mcnicoll says:

    Oh my gosh!! First of all – I have been to this beach and it is beyond amazing!! I can’t wait to return to it! Although – I will keep an eye out for a bee who may have an eye out for my foot!!
    The camping sounds WONDERFUL to me!!! Second – Lindy YOU did a GREAT job and what a wonderful “nurse” you were. AND even wearing the head light! Good Job!!
    Third – Tony, so GLAD you didn’t hurt yourself! Sounds like YOUR studying paid off!! You can now add “Hot Coal Walker” to YOUR growing list of professions!!

    You are both making so many wonderful memories!!
    Love, Mom

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