Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Wednesday, the 14th, was my birthday!  Since it was in the middle of the week, Tony set up a little birthday shin-dig for Friday night at the Scrub Island Resort.  Scrub has a Cheeseburger in Paradise buffet on Friday evenings, which the boys were REALLY excited about, and some of the sides include conch chowder and shrimp, which I was really excited about!

Peter made some calls and acquired permission for us all to go over a few hours before dinner and use the pools. (It’s really good to know Peter!)  Rumours are that Scrub charges locals $50 for the privilege of using their pools, so we all felt pretty lucky to be able to go.  Tony, Matt E and I all rushed out of school early to try and make the 3:45 ferry.  I was sitting on a bench at the end of the dock, playing Sudoku on my phone, when Tony called my name, saying we had a ride.  I knew the boat they were standing by wasn’t the Scrub ferry, since I’d taken the ferry a couple times before, but I rushed over anyway.  Turns out they were talking to Richard, the guy who’d taken us out several times on the racing sail boats!  He offered to give us a ride in the gorgeous Ro Boat!

As we passed a boat full of tourists, I was told to wave like the Queen, so this is my attempt!

Usually when I go to Scrub, it’s after dark, so I took this photo of the resort from the dock.

After checking in at the front desk, where the manager wished me a Happy Birthday, it was off to the pool!  You might be thinking, but Lindy, you live so close to the ocean, wouldn’t that be better than a pool?  Sure, if it were just a regular old pool, but this is a world class resort pool.  The one you see here is on the third level and water flows over that infinity edge through two waterfalls, past a slide, and into the lower pool.  There are two swim up bars and a hot tub.  This is no ordinary pool!

There’s Tony and Matt on the right.  Most of our other friends came on the 4:45 ferry.  One great thing about being away from home (besides the incredible weather and places to go) for my birthday is the utter absence of college basketball.  While everyone else LOVES March Madness, I’ve always hated it because people would rather watch basketball games than hang out with me.  Not the case this year!  People were more than willing to spend the evening on a neighbouring island!

As the sun went down, it actually grew quite chilly, so we moved from the pool to the hot tub.  Then it was time to get ready for dinner, which was served on the dining balcony adjacent the pool.  The buffet looked fabulous and the burgers were cooked to order.  Here’s Matt taking a BIG bite of his DOUBLE burger!

Always up for a competition of any kind, Tony and Clint each had doubles as well.  The goal was to each eat as many burgers as they could possibly stuff into their mouths.

The music was provided by a local guy.  In fact, his nephew goes to our school!  He played a lot of 90’s  music, so there was a lot that we could all sing along to.  There was also this crazy-intense bongo drummer who joined him on several songs.  We got a real kick out of him!

The music and food gave way to some dancing…

…and a clear separation of boys and girls!

This is the group of girls who will be going to Puerto Rico in a few weeks – I think I have some conditioning to do.  These girls are party animals!  After stuffing my face with shrimp, cake, conch fritters and 1/2 my massive cheeseburger, I could hardly move!

The boys’ competition was pretty close.  Things really heated up though when Stacy took a bite out of Clint’s burger… then Michelle took a bite out of Matt’s burger!  Each was trying to sabotage the other’s boyfriend/husband!  Apparently Clint and Tony tied with 5 whole burgers each (2 doubles and 1 single).  Needless to say, he’ll be taking things easy today due to his cheeseburger hangover!

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