One Week

One week from today I will be homeward bound!  This will be my first time outside the BVI in almost 8 months!  Besides spending time with friends and family, I’m not sure what I’m most excited for… there are so many options!

Drinking water from the tap

Driving rules that people actually follow

Taking a long, hot shower

One-stop-shopping locales – WalMart, Target, The Legends, etc…

Favourite Eateries – Chapala, The Thai Place, Chen’s Kitchen….

Kansas City, here I come!

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3 Responses to One Week

  1. morgan says:

    Awesome! Have a safe tripe back to the States! Hope to see you sometime when you’re in town:)

  2. Mike McNicoll says:

    Looking forward to seeing you Lindy. Have a safe trip.


  3. heptas55 says:

    It’s the shower, I’m pretty sure. I mean after your beloved parents. But, your parents came to see you, so I know it’s the shower.

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