Farewell KC!

I wrote this post last week while in transit back to the Caribbean.  It was a long day of travel, starting with a 6:30 am departure from KCI and arriving for my overnight in St. Thomas at 8pm.  Our internet was out when we finally made it back to Tortola last Wednesday, so I’ve been delayed in getting this post out there!

What a phenomenal week I had in Kansas City!  It was so busy, I’m not exactly sure where to start…

After receiving some feedback on my last post, I do want to clarify that Tony did NOT accompany me this week. : ( He took me to the airport, but stayed in Tortola enjoying the warm sunshine and acquiring a hole in our boat (more on that later) while I was in Kansas freezing my tush off!

Okay, that’s not really fair.  It was beautiful when I landed in KC – 85 and sunny – quite unusual for April in Kansas.  It had been that way for weeks, so I’d packed a few dresses and skirts to take with me since nearly all my warm weather clothes are on Tortola.  The next day though, the temperature had dropped to the 40s!  Yikes!  That drop in temperature is what caused the 6+ tornadoes that hit downtown Dallas, damaging over 100 airplanes.  I sure am glad I came in on Monday and not Tuesday!

Even though it was chilly, a trip over to Cousin Erica’s basement (remember she’s living in our house) fixed me right up!  Decked out in my favourite dress boots, jeans, and a cute jacket, I was good to go!

I spent the week splitting time between friends, eating, and shopping… and boy was there a lot of each one!  It was wonderful to stop back at my old school and see so many friendly faces.  I was able to peek into our Pen Pals’ classroom for a quick chat and to sit in the Principal’s office and get the Scarborough scoop!

It was wonderful to go up to Indian Trail and see some of my former students!  I was a little hesitant to go, but I am so glad I did!  Since I taught 5th grade last year, my students all went to a new school this year.  I stood in the hallway during passing period and was able to see so many of them.  I wish I had a picture, because I just don’t think I can describe it accurately.  I stood there in the hall with probably 20 kids surrounding me at a time, and it was a hug on the left, then a hug on the right, then left, then right all through their 5 minute passing period.  One of the IT teachers came up to me and asked, “Who ARE you?  Why are they all hugging you?” I had to explain that I wasn’t a sub, but that I taught all these kids before moving to a Caribbean Island.  The surprise on her face was classic!

I got to meet new babies for the first time and to see new houses.  There were game nights, lunch dates, coffee dates, ice cream dates, dinners, and Cribbage games with Dad.  I was able to eat at all the places on my list, and the refrigerator at the McNicoll house became a trip around the world of different culinary flavours – Firehouse Subs, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, BBQ… the only thing that wasn’t in there was Italian because there weren’t any leftovers from Olive Garden!

Here’s Amy, me, and Erica enjoying the margaritas at Chapala.  Mom took to the photo!

I was also loving the prices!  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I picked up the to-go order from Chapala (my favourite local Mexican place) and the lunch for Debbie and myself was only $15! I had to check the receipt to make sure it wasn’t a mistake!

Mom and I did A LOT of shopping.  I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing 8 months worth of shopping, so spreading out the total cost over that time frame, it wasn’t so bad… right?  I’m going back to Tortola with a couple new dresses, some new skirts and tops, and new shoes, as well as several items that I already owned but wasn’t able to fit into the suitcases the first time around.  There are also some shirts and swim trunks for Tony, as well as a couple of his favourite food items that we can’t find on the island.  Which item is Tony most excited about?  The frozen Chipotle burrito that’s in my checked bag!  We shall see how well it transports.  Fair warning – if it goes well, all visitors may be required to pay a Burrito Tax to Tony upon arrival!! : )

Mom and I also got a little crafty this week!  There have been so many great projects on Pinterest that I’ve been dying to try out, but I didn’t have the right materials.  I embellished a new dress with some handmade fabric flowers and we made a Springy wreath for the downstairs bathroom.  My craft box will now be replenished, with new scrapbook paper and ribbon to adorn more tin cans and glass jars!

Easter Sunday was a great day with my family.  I was so glad we decided to attend the morning worship service at my old church.  It was wonderful to see our Pastors and old friends and to hear such a fabulous message of hope.  I didn’t realize just how much I’d missed Nannette’s hilariously poignant sermons!  There was a great lunch and games that afternoon.  Then we went to Mom and Erica’s church for the evening service, which included another great sermon on forgiveness and redemption!

All week, people kept asking if it felt weird to be home.  It didn’t really.  I took a lot of pleasure in the simple things: my long, hot showers were fabulous, as was every single glass of tap water.  I was amazed by the speed of the Internet.  Mostly though it was great to spend time with so many people I care about.  Thank you all for making some time for me this week!

Now I am ready to be home with Tony on Tortola! And that’s what it feels like – I’m leaving home, but going home.

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4 Responses to Farewell KC!

  1. Mike McNicoll says:

    Great post Lindy! I was wondering as mom and I left the airport Tuesday morning if you felt like you were going home. Now I know.

    Vacations are great but I always enjoy getting to go home. It sounds like you do too. I am very happy for you and Tony.


  2. pam mcnicoll says:

    I am tired all over again!! Not really – it was a fantastic week filled with hearing your singing and whistling and coming and going. No wonder Miss Bella has started to bark a bit!! She has stopped in your room a couple times. Seems ok with the quiet around the house though! You missed out on lots of yard work this week – I know that will make you so sad!
    You are blessed – you have 2 places to call home!!
    I love you and Tony lots-

  3. Jami says:

    It was so good to see you & catch up with you!!! 🙂 Still hoping Dave & I can come visit!

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