St. Thomas

Tony was supposed to take the GRE last Wednesday, which is why he met me on St. Thomas on Tuesday night.  His test was supposed to take about 5 hours, so I set out to see the sights of St. Thomas on my own!

While Tony had a vastly different experience than me the previous day, I found St. Thomas to be quite enjoyable.  This view of the harbour from up in the hills was lovely.  I can see why people like to come here on cruise ships.  The harbour is wide and a beautiful blue.  There are lots of nice, high-end shops in quaint buildings on cobblestoned streets.  People smiled at me as I walked by.  The men who inherently hit on me (I really was NOT this hot in Kansas!) were much more discreet and tasteful than the head-hanging-out-the-window-and-watching-me-walk-by fellas that I’ve become accustomed to ignoring on Tortola.

When I’d gotten on the plane bound for St. Thomas the night before, someone had been at the gate to hand out Welcome to St. Thomas tourism magazines, so I knew a couple things I wanted to look for.  One of those places was the 99 steps.  In the magazine it talked about the hills on the island and how the locals had built steps up into the hills to make travelling up and down from home to work easier.

Yes, I am my father’s daughter, so I counted them as I went up – there are actually 102. However, I think the cement ones at the top and bottom probably aren’t supposed to count.

I kept walking up for a bit and came to Blackbeard’s Castle, but I didn’t want to pay admission, so I went down closer to the water to accomplish my real mission on St. Thomas: K-Mart.

See, when you live on Tortola there are really only 2 reasons people go to St. Thomas… to catch a flight or to stock up on necessities at K-Mart, Home Depot, or Costco.  We’d been told to take the $1 taxi, but that it wouldn’t be marked.  How did I know which one to take? It was the only taxi truck that was jam-packed full and had 99% locals on it.

I’d gotten most of what I needed back in Kansas, but I wanted to see what K-Mart had in case future trips were necessary.  As I was scouring the aisles, Tony called to say that his test was cancelled due to technology issues and there was a ferry in an hour, if I could make it back by then.

I paid for my purchases and went to the same place the taxi had dropped me off… but I got on the wrong one.  Instead of heading back to town I took a scenic drive through Red Hook (which is on the side of St. Thomas that we can see from our house) and ended up right back at the the K-Mart again.  Luckily that same driver was headed back toward town, so I was able to ride almost all the way to the ferry dock where Tony was waiting for me with our luggage.

I’d made it just in time… except that the ferry had left a 1/2 hour early?!? Or more likely, they just told Tony the wrong time.  Either way, we had a couple hours to kill now, so we checked our bags and headed out unencumbered.  Tony had not been eating like a pig all week at our favourite restaurants in KC, so we made a bee-line for the nearest McDonald’s.  Hey – don’t judge!  When you can only go to McDonald’s once or twice a year, it sounds really, REALLY good!

Lunch was delicious!  Believe it or not, a MickeyD’s cheeseburger and fries was not at the top of my food list while at home, but you just can’t beat their fries! Unfortunately though, their ice cream machine was out of order, so we set out in search of some.

We didn’t find any, but we did find this amazing iguana!

He really like the spotlight!  As soon as I pulled out the camera, he came rushing toward me.  It was a little freaky actually.  Thankfully, he stopped at perfect photo range and cocked his head for this photo.

Then it was back to the ferry dock and home to Tortola!

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1 Response to St. Thomas

  1. beth and bob says:

    wow, what a day you had! sounds like alot of fun!!! until that iguana came along. it looks huge! well back home safe and sound…again i’ll repeat myself…what an opportunity you two are having!! ENJOY

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