Guavaberry Spring Bay

For Christmas my sweet students’ families presented me with a gift certificate to Guavaberry Spring Bay on Virgin Gorda. GSB is literally next door to The Baths, so their beach is littered with the same ginormous, beautiful rocks and has the same great snorkeling around the rocks below the waterline. We decided to use the certificate for an anniversary weekend away! (Three years on April 25th!) And, because this is now their “off-season,” my one-night certificate turned into TWO nights, for just a little bit extra!

Last Friday we hightailed it out of school to get to the ferry dock for the 1/2 hour journey to VG. When we arrived, Sharn was there in his cab to pick us up. Then Tina checked us in and gave us a brief tour of the facilities on the grounds, and took us to our little cottage!






We knew the place would have a full kitchen, so we brought some food for breakfasts and lunches, but we knew we were going out for dinner! The last ferry back to Tortola from VG leaves too early to be able to enjoy many of the fabulous restaurants, and this was our first overnight on VG, so there were several places we wanted to try!

We sat out on our deck, reading and enjoying the sunset for awhile.

Then it was off to dinner! First on the list was Chez Bamboo, which had come highly recommended by both Doug and Kathy, and Clint and Michelle.

We ordered a Seafood Combo to share and a couple small plates (that turned out to be not so small!), including octopus! Neither of us had ever tried it before. I wasn’t a fan – too chewy for me, but Tony loved it! Our meal was delicious, the ambiance was lovely, and the service was quick. We walked back to our cottage and collapsed into bed!

Saturday morning we got to the Baths around 9 and snorkeled back from Devil’s Bay. The water was very calm and the sun was bright, so it was a great day to have our underwater camera!

I really liked taking photos of Tony diving down to explore! He taught me how to adjust my ears for the pressure by breathing out my nose, but I still couldn’t go nearly as deep as he could! It just hurt my ears.

We were both quite puzzled by this sea creature. We still have no idea what he is, but are thinking maybe a cross between a lobster and a cockroach?!?

Update July 2013: I think I finally learned what this thing is while on this website. I guess it really was a lobster!

After our swim we spent the afternoon lying on this rock and reading. This beach is a little down the way from The Baths and Spring Bay, so it was almost completely deserted!

GSB had a common room right off the main office with books and games to borrow. During our initial tour, Tina said take any book you want, and don’t return it! So I found a fabulous Jodi Piccoult book (Lone Wolf) to keep me occupied while Tony went out for another swim.

Saturday night we walked to The Rock Cafe for dinner, another place we’d heard a lot about. Saturday night was karaoke, and the place was dead. That was fine by me since I hate kaoroke, and we were able to enjoy our dinner in peace. I’m mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures! We sat out back, which was just beautiful. As you walk out of the building you see 3 or 4 layered decks built amid massive boulders. All the tables had big canvas umbrellas over them and candles on the table. It was dark, so it made for a great romantic dinner. Plus the food was phenomenal. I had a fabulous shrimp pasta in cream sauce and Tony had a steak cooked to perfection.

Here’s a photo that someone else took:


For breakfast on Sunday we made Eggs Benedict! That is one of my favourite dishes when I eat out, but this was the first time we’d ever tried making it ourselves, and I must say it was a big success! We’d brought the package of Hollaindaise sauce mix, and almost everything else we’d need, with us from home, and the milk we were able to pick up at the the GSB Honor System Commissary for not much more than we’d pay on Tortola. After breakfast it was back to the beach for a quick swim before we had to check out of the hotel.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know it at the time, but GSB has a bathroom with a shower just for guests who have departure times that fall after check out! They really seem to have thought of everything! No matter though, we enjoyed sitting around reading in the common room before calling Sharn for the 5 minute taxi ride back to the ferry dock.

We purposefully arrived at the ferry dock quite early so we could stop at YumYums! This delightful little place is one I discovered (upon recommendation, or course) when our first visitors were here – Mom and Deeanne! They have delicious ice cream! The last time Tony and I were on VG was just after Christmas, so Yum Yums was closed. This was his first experience, and he fit the phrase “like a kid in a candy store” to a T! Standing open-mouthed and looking around at all the confections, he said, “There are just so many things I want!” We decided on ice cream for me, a chocolate shake for Tony, and some Sixlets and Sour Gummy Worms to take home.

Here’s a photo of Yum Yums. It’s not much to look at, but it sure is tasty!

After that it was off to the ferry dock for our trip back to Tortola!

While on our weekend getaway, Tony and I agreed that Guavaberry Spring Bay is a place we definitely want to come back to someday! I’d also suggest it to anyone who comes to visit us and wants a romantic night or two on their own. You’re already here in the Virgin Islands, so why not?!

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  1. beth and bob says:

    Awesome!! Happy Happy Anniversary Lindy and Tony. Have been thinking about you all week! Remembering what a beautiful wedding just a few quick years ago!! Love you both! Keep having fun!!

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