Big News!

No, not THAT big!  We’re moving!

We’ve LOVED living in this house, but being reliant on cistern water became tedious and expensive over the last few (dry) months.  We knew some of our coworkers who are moving on after this school year had a great place that would be available for rent in June and was WAY less expensive per month, so we jumped on it!

When we met with the landlord a couple weekends ago, we didn’t expect her to begin the meeting by printing off the lease, but that’s how it happened!  She didn’t have many questions for us (Frank and Jane must have put in a good word) and even agreed to take $100 per month off the rent!

There are some other real plusses to this move:

1. Fans in every room!  No longer will Tony and I have to fight over who has to cook dinner in the hot kitchen! (We’ll probably still fight over who has to cook dinner, but for other reasons.: )

2. Bigger Kitchen – with a full size fridge/freezer!

3. Listening to the waves.  From our new place we’ll hear the waves lap up against the rocks!

4. Covered porch.  Our patio here is fabulous, but so hot in the midday sun!  I think the covered porch will entice Tony out onto the hammock more often too.

5. Town Water!! We’ll still have a cistern, but it will only be for backup, so I might be able to take a real shower!  Still not a long shower, but one where the water stays on the whole time…

All this AND we still have 2 bedrooms, but now the guest room will be en suite!  Plus, with all the money we’re going to save, I get to spend a little on redecorating!  The colour-scheme is less than ideal…

Thankfully, these couches have since been replaced (the complex used to be for short-term rental and this is the picture that was in the brochure) but the walls are still that peach.  Oh, and look at those drapes!  Don’t worry though, I have plans for this place!  Before and after pictures will follow in July!


Coconut Point photo, Tortola, BVI, Caribbean



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6 Responses to Big News!

  1. heptas55 says:

    I might just have to come back and see this fabulous place, too. Water is REALLY important. Dee Ann

  2. b and says:

    I want to live on that front porch!! Sweet! Enjoy!

  3. Lyle Gibbens says:

    looks awesome….like you really needed “up”….. Love it!

  4. Kay Cooper says:

    Wow! You can’t beat the view!

  5. Nancy Kline says:

    Wow, I love that porch and the view is awesome! You will enjoy being out there. Where are you located now in relation to Sopers Hole?

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