ATVs on Jost Van Dyke

Our latest BVI Adventure was on Jost yesterday, when we went ATVing around the island!  Thanks to Clint and Michelle, who purchased this fun adventure at last year’s Cedar fundraising auction, six of us were able to spend the day zipping around on these bad boys!

Frank took us all over the island, which provided for some breathtaking views and photo opportunities!

He also took us up and down some pretty steep hills!

We stopped for a drink at Foxy’s Taboo.

Then a couple of the ladies tried driving!  Yes, those things are actually moving!

From there it was off to Seddy’s One Love bar for lunch.

The fresh-caught seafood and homemade pasta salad was fabulous, as were the Bushwackers, but the service was horrendous!  That’s okay though.  We entertained ourselves while waiting with Matt and Stacy’s “Blind Drawing” games and Stacy’s “Make Me an Animal!”

Matt’s rendition of Tony is pretty life-like, wouldn’t you say?

And Stacy drew Clint as a lion.

After lunch we bounced around on the floating trampoline and raced with the paddle boats – phew, that was exhausting!  Another Nilla Killa from the Soggy Dollar, and it was back to Tortola!

What fun with good friends!  Clint and Michelle – thanks for including us!!

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3 Responses to ATVs on Jost Van Dyke

  1. Mich says:

    It was so lovely to have you both join us…we had been saving this one! I uploaded a couple pics to Facebook, including your beautiful blind portrait courtesy of Tony…It’s a prize-winner! Thanks for another beautiful day together.

  2. pam mcnicoll says:

    Oh my gosh – what a FANTASTIC day!! The pics are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us!!

  3. Nancy Kline says:

    Beautiful pictures. Makes us miss being in the BVI. Mikel and I each drove ATV’s in Mexico’s hills outside of Puerto Vallarta a few years back. It was crazy! Have another Nilla Killer for me.

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