Dominica: Last Day

Because of the strain of the previous day’s hike, our last day in Dominica was to be a relaxing one.  We were all feeling that hike in our muscles, and some of us (namely me) really struggled just walking up to breakfast!

Our first stop was Red Rocks, aptly named, as you can see in the photos.

Tony even found himself a little grotto to explore!

As the rains rolled in, we doubled back to the van in pursuit of our second destination for the day.  When we first approached the Black Sand Beach, I think we were all a little disppointed.  It didn’t look like anything special, and it was so dirty!  As we explored out a little further though, we realized it wasn’t mud.  It really was black sand!

There was a freshwater river that fed into the ocean.

Everyone enjoyed playing around in the sand: walking the beach, playing a little “ball,” and the ladies did some yoga to stretch our sore muscles.

The boys even tried a little synchronized swimming in the river for us!

That’s when things started to get wierd… one boy decided it would be a good idea to smear the black sand on his body.  Of course, that got everyone else started as well!This one is particularly primal.

Like any good nature photographer, Stacy got right in there to document these unusual creatures!

A little cleaning up time and a last delicious meal, then it was time to head to the airport.  We all appreciated our nice hand-written tickets:

It was a wonderful weekend in Dominica, and it was such a blessing to spend it with such wonderful people.  Thanks ladies and gents!

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