Tortola Shopping

As many of you know, the shopping scene here on Tortola is somewhat limited. There are a few cute store, but the import duties and shipping prices make even everday items quite expensive. Today, however, we were able to enjoy a bit of retail therapy right here on island!

HiHo  is a Tortola based company that’s been around more than 30 years.  They have super cute casual and beach wear for men and women, as well as equipment for sailing, surfing, and SUPing.  Tony and I bought rash guards for one-another from there for Christmas so we could still get in the water even when it was chilly.  The name HiHo comes from the wind-surfing term “Hook In and Hold On.”

Anyway, twice a year they have a big side-walk sale, so Gemma and I met Laurie at the sale just before 9 this morning.

This was what Gemma called a “proper sale” too!  All clothing items priced at $10 or $25 for 3 items.  It was a bit of a mad house, but I’m proud to say I walked out of there with about $300 in retail priced clothing (and nice stuff too!) for just $50!  Deals like that are unheard of, especially here!

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1 Response to Tortola Shopping

  1. Debbie Cooley says:

    Fabulous! My kind of day. Imagine doing it in paradise. I would truly be in heaven!

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