School’s out for summer!

Anyone else hearing that song in their head when you read those words?

Wednesday of this week was our last day with students, then Thursday “graduation,” and Friday final wrap up, so school is out!

As is typical, it’s been a stressful end to the school year, and particularly frustrating due to uncertainty about last minute staffing changes, so I’m really glad to be on summer holiday.  However, it still makes me sad to see a classroom at the end of the year.

They always look so empty and lonely – especially these rooms with everything wrapped up in plastic in case a hurricane hits!  At least I’ll save myself a little work in the fall by leaving my fabric up for the summer (we’re hopeing for no big storms!).

Despite the strain of the last few weeks, we were able to find some time for fun!  A couple weeks ago we went out for the day on White Squall II!

This beast of a sail boat has some interesting history.  It was built in Australia in 1936 for a Greek Princess, but has since spent time as a WWII minesweeper (even capturing a Japanese submarine), has circumnavigated the globe, and was the first daysail boat in the BVI.

Our gruff  but welcoming captain added a lot of colour to the voyage out to Norman Island where we lounged on the deck, snorkelled, and swam.  Just before I took this picture, he’d “flashed me” by yanking his shirt up!

Here’s a pic of Laurie and me showing off our new cover-ups from the HiHo sale!

At school Tony participated in the Students vs. Faculty Football (Soccer) Match and played the sport for the first time!  They put him in the position of Keeper (goalie) and he made some good saves!

The game ended in a tie (1-1) when the students had to go back to class!

At home we’ve had some interesting visitors as well.

This 2 inch long scorpion was chillin’ in our kitchen one night.  I dragged an angry Tony out of bed when I found this little guy.  He was glad that I did though, so he could catch him!  Unfortunately, when we put food and water in the container where he was housed, we think I drowned him!  Oops!

Then we had this 3-legged lizard – a lot less scary, but hard to see because he blends in with the tile.  We’ve even seen him around a couple times since, so we know he’s doing well!

Luckily, now that school’s out, we have more conventional visitors – Mike and Monica have arrived!  Watch for updates of our adventures together over the next week!

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2 Responses to School’s out for summer!

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    You and Tony and Mike and Monica will have a GREAT visit! Enjoy the week. And please give the house a scorpion sweep before I arrive, ok!! I don’t like them! Leave the lizards – I think they are adorable!
    103 degrees in Olathe today! Whoo hoo!!
    Love, Mom

  2. Becky Waters says:

    You were keeping the scorpion as a PET???
    If you’ve seen the lizard at least twice, I think its time to name him!!
    Love reading your blogs!!

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