They’re here!

After a very long and frustrating voyage (a cancelled flight, several attempts at Standby, and a night in Puerto Rico) Mike and Monica finally arrived here in the BVI.

After a lunch of Rotis, Beans and Rice, and Ting, we headed east to pick up Tony and some SUP boards for an afternoon at Long Bay Beef Island.  On the way to the beach we spotted a first for us here on Tortola – Flamingos!  People usually travel to Anegada or Necker Island to see these rare and beautiful birds, but we spotted them right off the side of the road!

After that it was off to the beach!  Monica picked up SUPing right away!

That night’s dinner was the Watering Hole for their scrumptious pizza, and then we met some of our friends out at The Elms for live music and drinks.

Monica accidently spilled her first Painkiller! It was sad.

But luckily, everyone pitched in a sip of their own PKs and Monica had a brand new one, which was happy!

This was just Day One of a really fun week.  Stay tuned for more!

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1 Response to They’re here!

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    Oh my – what FUN! And we have only heard about day one!! Keep those flamingos around for another week so I can see them, too!! That was an amazing picture!! And Monica – so glad they are keeping you happy!! And YOU look GREAT!!

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