The Amazing Island Race

Saturday was devoted to saying farewell to Matt and Stacy before their move to Tanzania.  Now, no regular farewell celebration would cut it for this amazing couple, so Michelle came up with a great idea – the Amazing Race!  Clues were scattered all over the island and each clue had an activity of some sort associated with it.  This was a great way for Mike and Monica to get to know our friends as we competed: boys vs. girls!

The race began at Cedar, where Matt and Stacy were blind folded until everyone arrived. 

Event Number One was called “Into the Gauntlet,” a Cedar PE game which involves running, dipping, and dodging to avoid the PE balls being thrown at you.  Tony particularly enjoyed the chance to throw things at me!

From there our clues led us to the dock at Charlie’s Lobster House, aka Pusser’s East, where each team had to fish for their clue!  The competition was already getting stiff as cars were used to block one-another.  Since the boys had completed the Gauntlet before the ladies’ team, they snagged the best parking spot and the ladies were stuck racing across the parking lot toward the fishing spot.

Much to Matt’s chagrin, Stacy actually proved to be the better fisher(wo)man in this event and we were the first to get our clue!

From there each team headed off to the Riteway Grocery Store to obtain these disgusting sausages that Matt sometimes takes fishing with him.  Two packages had to be consumed per team – you can see how much Tony’s enjoying it!

After we each choked down a sausage or 3, the teams were off across town to Nanny Cay for the next event, and each team did its best to sabotage the other along the way. The boys had a clear advantage though, with their utter lack of regard for traffic laws and willingness to exploit the cuteness of their 6-year-old teammate!

At Nanny Cay there were 4 logic puzzles that needed to be solved and photographed before the teams could advance.  Once again, that cute 6-year-old played a key role when he “forgot” to tell his team that they were supposed to wait until they arrived at Nanny Cay to begin.  Oops!

From Nanny Cay, the race toward Smuggler’s Cove was on!  Unfortunately, on an island with only one real way to get anywhere, it’s difficult (and dangerous) to one-up the competition, so again, the boys were in the lead.  Due to two convenient traffic interruptions (a slow, and maybe drunk, driver, and a massive taxi van) the boys arrived at Smugs for the next event well in advance of the ladies.  Nature was on our side though!

Stacy’s in the process of SUPing out to the rocks in search of our next clue.  Out in the distance you can see that Matt’s already out there, scouring the rocks himself, but having no luck finding what he’s looking for.  Some life guards on the beach told us they’d seen the packages the two teams were searching for earlier in the day, but that they didn’t see them now.  Perhaps they’d been washed away?

While Matt and Stacy were out on the water working hard, the rest of us were watching from the beach.  I snapped this great photo of Mike and Monica!

Even without the clue, Gemma came to the rescue and told each team where they were headed next.  Much to boys’ frustration, the next stop actually involved slowing down and going for a swim with a cold drink. Unfortunately, Beach Barman Nature Boy was not quite prepared for this large group showing up and wanting drinks, so he became a little agitated.  Nonetheless, this next event was one that everyone needed to be around for!

How’s it Hanging?  In the form of a relay, each team had to use a banana tied around their waist to “kick” a tennis ball from one spot to another.  When 6 teammates had crossed the finish line, your team was free to get the next clue from Nature Boy.

In this event the ladies excelled, despite the blatant cheating of those who tried golfing with their bananas in place of the required hip action.  I’m sure you’ll never guess which team that was!

By this time the race was drawing to a close and it was neck-in-neck as teams rushed toward The Bomba Shack.  At this location each teammate had to sign the gigantic pair of underwear (pants) that was supposed to have been picked up at Smuggler’s.  Luckily Gemma had picked up a couple extra pairs!  Each pair of pants had to be attached to the walls of the Shack before the team could proceed to the final destination!

The final stretch had us all racing up Windy Hill toward Bananakeets and there was definitely some questionable driving going on!  No matter though, as we all got to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and PKs all around!

It was a stellar day and a lot of fun for all.  I think Matt and Stacy were quite moved that we’d put so much thought and work into an appropriate farewell, and it was all much deserved.  Matt and Stace – we all miss you a lot already and wish you the best in your next adventure!

PS – Thanks to Michelle for posting these pics on Facebook!  I swiped quite a few of them from her.

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2 Responses to The Amazing Island Race

  1. pam mcnicoll says:

    Oh my gosh!! YOU people sure know how to have FUN!!! What a day! I was breathless just reading about it! And I can only imagine the driving that was going on! Especially by the boys!! I know you will miss Matt and Stacey and it will be such fun to keep in touch with them! I can only imagine how much they will miss YOU all, too!
    See you in a few days Lindy and Tony!
    Love, Mom

  2. Mich says:

    Great post, Lady! It was an amazing day…

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