Dinner Sin Gas?

Moving Day is just 5 days from now!  We are getting REAL excited to move into the new place!  Mom arrives on Thursday – she wanted to both walk to Soper’s Hole for breakfast (current place) and listen to the waves at night (new place) so she planned her trip over the move!  We went the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on fresh food for the week, trying to find the balance between having a guest and cooking actual meals and eating as much as we can from the pantry so we don’t have to move it.

There was just one little problem we discovered while preparing dinner last night: our gas stove is out of gas. We buy gas for the stove/oven at a place half-way across the island. They come out to the house and hook up the 4 ft. tall gas tank and it lasts for several months. Obviously, we don’t want to spend the $80 to refill the tank for just 5 days.  Tony even tried hooking our grill’s gas tank up instead, but the hook-up was too stripped out to turn with the wrench.

Luckily, we have the grill, on which we grilled water for hard-boiled eggs, but it does change our meal-plan for the week!  Oh, island living!

: )

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